Guide to the best big city retirements

Best Big Retirement Cities

Many baby boomers surprise their friends by moving from the suburbs or a small town to retire to live in a big city. Here is a list of the best retirement cities for retirees who crave an urban lifestyle. Many have the resources and time to do what they want, so the availability of great restaurants, shopping, and more cultural opportunities than you can count, the urban retirement lifestyle can be a lot more interesting than life in the suburbs. Here are links to Topretirement profiles of some of the best "best retirement cities". It's your chance to live life at the center of the universe!

Chicago from the lake
Chicago Retirement

- Alexandria Virginia

- Atlanta - retirement city

- Austin Texas

- Boston Massachusetts retirement

- Buenos Aires retirement

- Charlotte retirement

- Chicago retirement

- Denver Colorado retirement

- Fort Lauderdale Florida

- Jacksonville FL retirement

- Las Vegas retirement

- Madison Wisconsin retirement

- New Haven retirement

- New York - The Big Apple

- Orlando Florida

- Phoenix Arizona retirement

- Pittsburgh retirement

- Portland Oregon retirement

- Portland Maine

- San Antonio Texas

- San Diego retirement

- Sarasota Florida

- Seattle retirement

- Tallahassee retirement

- Tucson retirement


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