Best Places in Puerto Rico

Retirement in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico has mixed results.

On the positive side some people think it is wonderful, with beautiful beaches, friendly people, and a more relaxed, inexpensive lifestyle.  As a U.S. Territory, it is no problem for U.S. citizens to retire here, and can even take advantage of their Medicare benefits.  There are many English speakers and the laws are U.S. based. The weather is warm year round, the only problem being the occasional hurricane.

The opposite point of view is also quite prevalent.  Puerto Rico's economy is in very bad shape with much public debt and a very low credit rating. There is a shortage of doctors and an aging population, fueled in part by Puerto Ricans returning to their home after a working career in the mainland U.S. There is a high crime rate, much of it drug related, particularly in the cities.  People hoping for part time work in retirement find it difficult to get. They report that the government has many corrupt officials with a heavy bureaucracy, and the travails of the infrastructure are much more difficult than in the U.S.

Where to Live

On the right side of this page we've listed to towns in Puerto Rico we have reviewed for retirement living. Many people prefer living in the smaller communities along the coast as being better for the expatriate retirement - lower crime, better beaches, less crowded, and more set up for North Americans.

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Puerto Rico Retirement Communities

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