Colorado Best Places to Retire – A Guide 


This website can help explain what it is like to retire in Colorado, and help you find the best places to retire in Colorado too.

Colorado is one of the top retirement places for baby boomers from all over the country. Many have vacationed here or came to love these Rockies during college or the military. The scenery from its mountains is exceptional and so are the recreation opportunities. The economy is strong and becoming more diversified – many cities like Fort Collins and Boulder are booming.Colorado’s growing population reached 5.7 million in 2018. The average age is 36, close to the national average. Some 13% of the population is over 65.  Updated March. 2020

Grand Junction’s Colorado National Monument

The Colorado climate is that of a steppe – characterized by high altitudes. Summers can be hot and dry and winter precipitation often comes in deep snows. The sun tends to shine a lot. Much of the state is either desert or mountain.

Economy, Cost of Living, Property Values
Median household income was just over $65,458 in 2013-17, which is above the U.S. average. reports that the Colorado Home Value Index was $401,891 in 2020, up almost $100,000 since 2016.  Median home prices can differ – according to the NAR in Denver the 3rd Quarter 2019 median home price was $458,000, well above  the national median. Boulder, home of the University of Colorado, was more expensive – the median home price in early 2020 was $630,400. In Colorado Springs the median selling price was $322,200. Colorado’s cost of living is above the national average, it is the 36th lowest in the country.


Tax Burden: Total state/local tax burden in Colorado of 8.9% is lower than average, 35th highest in the nation.

Marginal Income Tax Rates. Colorado has a flat tax rate of 4.63%, one of the country’s lowest.

Retirement Income Exemptions. Taxpayers over 65 have a $24,000 exemption for pension and social security benefits (persons 55 to 64 years of age get a $20,000 exemption). The same pension/annuity subtraction applies to military retirement benefits for current military personnel and those receiving retirement benefits.

Sales Tax: State sales tax is an extremely low 2.9%, although local sales taxes can be significant up to 7.44%.

Property Taxes:  The median property tax paid in the state was $1437, or 0.6% of assessed value. There is a homestead act property tax protection for those over 65 who have lived there for 10 years or more (50% of home value up to a max of $200,000 of home value).

Estate and/or Inheritance Taxes. There is no estate or inheritance tax.

Link to Colorado Department of Revenue.

Certified Retirement Communities
Colorado does not have a certified retirement community program.

Best Retirement Communities
Topretirements has reviews of the best retirement communities for active adults in Colorado – and more are being added all of the time. From the exciting college town of Boulder to the bustling metropolis of Denver, you will find many exciting communities profiled. Fort Collins is a slightly less expensive but equally nice community, even more so in nearby Loveland. Our review of Silver Sage , one of the country’s first co-housing communities is definitely interesting. Colorado Springs, home of the U.S. Air Force Academy, has fantastic scenery with nearby Pikes Peak. Grand Junction and nearby Fruita on the center of Colorado’s border with Utah frequently make the lists of best places to retire. So does Durango with its excellent access to skiing and mountain biking. For each town reviewed on this site you will find data about real estate prices, what makes each community special (or not so special), along with important facts about the cultural, economic, medical, and transportation available in Colorado.

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