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7 Life Changing Activities to Enjoy in Retirement

Don’t Let Retirement Get You Down: Seven Life Changing Activities To Embrace and Enjoy
By Kimberly Aardal

Regardless of what you’re called when you reach your retirement age (empty nester, middle-aged, baby boomer or just plain retiree), it all means the same thing. You have progressed to a stage in life where you have time to do whatever you want. No longer do you need to worry with raising a family, or running a business, working for a boss, or any other obligation that kept you from doing the things you wanted to as a younger adult.

The hard work of your younger adult life has passed and now you need something that will keep your retirement age jumping and hopping. You and your partner don’t have to sit back in your rocker recliners thinking about those good ole’ days. Instead, you can get up and do the things that you only dreamed you could when you were younger. Still not real sure how to enjoy your retirement phrase of life? Here are seven ideas you’re sure to like.

Seven Fun and Enjoyable Activities Baby Boomers Can Enjoy At Retirement

Activity 1 – Stay Active

One of the first things you may want to do after you retire is rest. The problem with this idea is that you should never live a sedentary lifestyle, at least not for too long. You need to stay active and you can easily do this by taking walks or runs around your block. Take up a dancing class or go for a nice swim. Whatever you choose to do, you must stay active to keep up your strength, improve the blood circulation and release endorphins. Consult your physician before you begin any type of exercise program.

Activity 2 – Strengthen Your Mind

Retirement doesn’t mean you stop learning about the world around you; it just means you have to work harder to learn about it. When you’re no longer working, your mind doesn’t stop learning… it just learns at a slower pace. Keep that mind of yours sharp by challenging it with something new every day. Consider picking up a musical instrument and learning how to play. Learn a new language; something you may have wanted to learn for some time but never had the chance.  If you’re in the mood for something creative, consider joining an art class. The options are endless!

Activity 3 - Stay Social

Now that you’re not near as busy it’s a great time to get out and see old friends and make some new ones. It’s a proven fact that when people are more socially active, they tend to be happier. Consider getting involved with a club where you can meet people who share a similar interest as you. You may find that you have more in common than you think with these folks. If you’re unsure of the kind of clubs that are available in your area, do a search on the Internet to find them or local newspapers usually have volunteer opportunities. You can even check your local chamber of commerce for some ideas. If you live in an active adult community, the possibilities are endless.

Activity 4 – Taking In A Pet

You don’t have to just make a human friend to have social interaction. Why not adopt an animal of your choice? If you love cats or dogs, you can visit your local animal shelter. These animals will love you unconditionally and give you some real purpose. For whatever reason you may not be able to adopt a pet; why not do some volunteering at the shelter? This allows you to be around animals, taking care of them. If you have a neighbor that owns an animal, consider helping them take care of their pet. If you don’t know them very well, you may end up making a new friend and helping them at the same time.

Activity 5 – Mentor Young, Impressionable Minds

As a baby boomer, you have lots to give the younger generation. If you’ve got grandkids, share with them your knowledge and experience. If you can’t see your grandkids (for whatever reason), consider asking your neighbors if you can be a mentor to their children.  Many parents would be glad to have you be a part of their children’s lives.  You can always volunteer at the local schools, coach a sports team or teach a knitting class and so much more. You have endless options that will allow you to share your vast knowledge and experiences with an eager young mind.

Activity 6 – Travel

Have you always wanted to visit somewhere but never had the time? It can be across the International Dateline or right in your own backyard but traveling is a wonderful way to spend your time and expand your mind. Practice the new language you are learning and travel to the country that uses it. You don’t have to travel alone especially if you feel apprehensive about it. Ease your mind by going with a tour group that also offers opportunities to make new lifelong friends. When you travel to other countries, you learn about other cultures and in turn enrich your own life from the experience.

Activity 7 – Join A Cause

If you have a particular cause you’re interested in, this is the time to get involved (if you’re not already). Working together with a group of people who share a common goal and purpose can be very fulfilling and gratifying to know that you are making a difference. On top of that, this type of work can help take your mind off of your own problems and oftentimes make your challenges seem smaller.

Bottom Line
Don’t sit around doing nothing all day; use the seven suggested activities to continue to enjoy your life in the baby boomer years. Any one of the seven mentioned activities can bring you happiness and make you feel more involved with the fun side of life. Publisher Kimberly Aardal enjoys staying busy by visiting and exploring new places and cultures. She currently resides in the Colorado Mountains with husband Jon and their yellow Labrador Ginger who has her own swivel rocking chair to snooze in. Kimberly has learned the real value to enjoying life; thus her favorite activities include cooking, traveling, writing, volunteering and learning about new and different things. Kimberly and her husband can be found relaxing in their dutailer rocking chairs while enjoying spectacular mountain views.


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