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Buyers` Guide to Finding a Nice Community in Costa Rica - Part I

''By Andrew Mastrandonas & Preston Gitlin

Note: This is the First of a 2 Part Article'' Note: This is the 1st of a 2 Part Article. Go to Part II- Finding Retirement Real Estate in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an alluring place for many people. With a terrific climate, stable and democratic government, proximity to the United States, lower cost of living, unbelievable scenery, and many outdoor and cultural activities, it is no wonder this country only the size of West Virginia remains one of the best in the world for retirement, investment, or a vacation. Over one million people visit Costa Rica each year generating about $1 billion in revenue for the country. Tourism surpassed coffee and bananas many years ago as the country’s top industry.

Beautiful Costa Rica

Foreigners, particularly North Americans, continue to visit Costa Rica in large numbers with many of them coming to explore retirement and real estate options. A quick search of “Costa Rica real estate” on Google reveals almost 2.8 million entries. Compare this to any other country on the Central American isthmus, and it’s clear that Costa Rica is first in activity related to real estate geared to foreigners. Since real estate sales are not regulated in Costa Rica—anyone can be a real estate agent or land developer— some caution is called for. Countless websites have been set up to advertise various properties. There are, of course, well known, established real estate companies like Century 21 and Coldwell Banker in Costa Rica as wel


People are finding these websites to explore various regions, view land and homes for sale, and make contact with real estate agents and others. After spending weeks and months doing research and finding people they think they can trust, they make the trip to Costa Rica, ready to purchase their dream property. When they finally arrive in Costa Rica, they oftentimes realize it is a much different place than they expected—sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. For example, they don’t realize from the stunning pictures they found on the Internet that the home of their dreams is next to an automobile repair shop. The stories go on and on.

Do Your Homework and Avoid Heartache
We find that if you do your homework first and then visit, you will likely be in better shape. Contacting developers by email, carefully reviewing their websites, talking with others who have brought property from them, and asking a wide range of questions about their properties will likely give you a good sense as to whether you should view a particularly property. Doing the research will help guard against making an impulsive purchase that comes when the strong increase in real estate values in Costa Rica makes some people feel they must “get in now”. Appropriate research, asking the right questions, and carefully thinking about what you want in terms of a living situation will find a property you will like, even during a short stay in Costa Rica.

Yes, it is true that property continues to appreciate in Costa Rica, and faster than in many other countries. Before long, the country will not likely offer many real estate bargains unless you want to live in very small towns far away from shopping, restaurants or good medical care. So, how can you “get in now” and avoid the mistakes many people make in purchasing real estate here?

Buy Smarter with These Tips
- Take the time to get to know the country. Get to know a wide variety of people. Understand real estate values in a particular area by talking to many people including real estate agents, developers, foreigners living in the area, and even locals. Stay in several different towns and get to know each of them while being mindful of your needs for shopping, medical care, entertainment, real estate, and other issues.

- Pick up some Spanish. That way you ca learn directly from locals about new properties or getting real information from them about an area could prove much more valuable than hearing it from people who are in the business of trying to sell you something. Even if you speak just a little Spanish, “Ticos” will very much appreciate your efforts to communicate with them and oftentimes will go out of their way to help you.

- Retirement tours of Costa Rica. These generally provide a multi-day trip through various parts of the country, introducing foreigners to specific towns that may be suitable for retirement or finding good quality and reasonably-priced properties. On many of these tours, you’ll meet others who have already made the move to Costa Rica and purchased property. You will also meet a wider variety of real estate agents and developers than you could probably do on your own. And, just by interacting with other tour guests, you’ll learn about what other people are thinking as they consider Costa Rica for retirement, partial-year living, or investment.

- Meet the local professionals. Some of these tours will also introduce you to attorneys, architects, builders, and others who can be helpful to you as you consider buying. Take a look at their websites and determine if what the tour offers and the types of clients they serve seem to be geared to your lifestyle. Taking a tour is a convenient way to screen a range of properties quickly, meet experienced developers and learn about areas more quickly than you likely could do on your own. After you’ve taken a tour, definitely stay for several extra days, going back to the areas you liked on the tour or follow up with some of the people you met during the tour. One of the more well-known tours in Costa Rica is “Live in Costa Rica,” at

Whether you’ve spent time on your own or took a tour you may have discovered an area or property that may be right for you. What do you do then? What factors should you consider in determining if you should purchase a property? In other words, what makes a nice community for you to enjoy for many years to come while ensuring you feel you got good value through your purchase and can trust the seller of the property?

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