Dueling Retirement States Series Update: VA, MD, NJ, DE

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March 29, 2016 — Due to popular requests we periodically update our extensive series of “Dueling Retirement States”. The latest to be updated is the comparison of retirement in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The previous version of this comparison was from 2010. Since then most trends and facts stayed relatively the same. But here are some salient points from the update:

– Delaware and Virginia tend to be more popular for retirement than NJ or MD (between them they have 5 towns on our Top 100 List)
– Comparing taxes between these states illustrates the perils of a simplistic approach. NJ, MD, and DE are among the top half of high tax burden states. But if you focus on taxation just for retirees, Delaware and MD become more attractive. The type of tax is what should be focused on, and how it affects you.
– Real estate prices are still recovering from the highs they hit prior to 2008

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Posted by Admin on March 29th, 2016


  1. Can someone educate me as to why DE is considered a “high tax burden state”.

    by carol — March 30, 2016

  2. It can be, depending on your income, as in state income tax.

    by Billy — March 30, 2016

  3. And as the article states ” But if you focus on taxation just for retirees, Delaware and MD become more attractive. ”

    good source for retirees

    by elaine — March 30, 2016

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