Mejask’s Inside Report: A Hawaii Retirement

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Editor’s note: Our frequent commentator, Mejask, recently provided a detailed Comment about what it is like to retire in our 50th State. There was so much good information that we decided to republish it as its own Blog article. That way a lot more people will have a chance to read it. Thanks Mejask!

By Mejask

May 18, 2018 — Here is further information some of you wanted on Hawaii. A little about me so you have some gauge as to my views. I grew up in Illinois, lived some time in Washington state and the Southeast and then most of my career in Connecticut. I moved to the Big Island in July 2015. I have been to the Honolulu area on Oahu but not to Kaui or Maui which are the other islands people may choose to locate. My input on the islands that I haven’t visited will be brief and is mostly from what folks here have told me.

The Islands
Maui, Kaui and Oahu are much smaller in size than the Big Island and their land mass could easily fit inside the Big Island with room to spare. All of these islands are more expensive than the Big Island. The biggest expense difference is real estate. Each island is a county of Hawaii. You will not find typical (more…)

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Best Retirement States – Part 2: Pick Your Rating Factor

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May 17, 2017 — Note, this is Part 2 of a two part article. Here is the link to Part 1: Crazy Lists and Not Much Agreement.

In Part 1 we compared 2 popular “Best States for Retirement” lists to the states where retirees actually move. It was not a pretty comparison. The 2 popular lists agreed on almost nothing, and neither one included more than one or two of the states where baby boomers actually move. To help you prepare your own best states to retire list, in this installment we will present various lists of specific attributes that retirees might be interested in, such as culture or climate. We have even included a few whimsical factors to liven things up!

Best Cultural Opportunities
WalletHub included a ranking for the top 5 and worst 5 states for museums (more…)

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Best States for Retirement Lists: Not Much Agreement Here

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Editor’s note: This is a 2 part article. Part 1 discusses two popular Best and Worst Places to Retire lists. Part 2 explores best retirement states from multiple perspectives – taxation, cost of living, culture, climate, cost of living, property taxes, etc.

May 9, 2017 — To paraphrase something from the news – “Who knew finding the best state for retirement was so complicated?” Eager to attract baby boomer readers for their advertisers, the publishers of these lists sometimes do it “scientifically”, using data to back up their picks, and sometimes whimsically, using 20-something writers for whom retirement conjures up geezers in rocking chairs and old folks homes. The results from these “Best” lists are so all over the place that is (more…)

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Flo’s Carolina Visit Part 2: South Carolina

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By Flo Williamson

Part 2 South Carolina (link to Part 1: The Carolinas Revisited – North Carolina)

April 1, 2017 — After an interesting and enlightening visit to coastal North Carolina, we made a bee-line towards Charleston, SC.  As we entered South Carolina, Route 17 took us through the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach was never on our retirement relocation radar, as it struck us as being too large, sprawling, and “touristy”. The traffic, even in February, bore that out. We passed through the small beach towns of Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, and stopped 35 miles south of Myrtle Beach, in Georgetown.

Georgetown, population 9,000, is a town on the Winyah Bay. It is golf cart friendly. Site of the 2nd largest seaport in SC, Georgetown is also home to an abandoned steel mill and a working paper mill that is located (more…)

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Best Cities for Successful Aging – Head for the Midwest

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March 27, 2017 — The authors of the Milken Report on Successful Aging have identified the best places in the country to retire for successful aging. In fact they have two different lists – larger Metros and smaller Metros (we will focus on the smaller Metros). Their selection process is the most rigorous of any we know of; it actually has 83 different criteria including access to good healthcare, transportation, security, employment and recreation opportunities, livability, community engagement, and livability.

Most boomers live in Metropolitan areas, and plan to stay there
The authors of the report refer to this as the “anti-retirement” list of (more…)

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10 Great Retirement Towns Where You Don’t Need a Car

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March 14, 2017 — Think how great it would be if you could retire to a place where you didn’t have to own a car. You wouldn’t have to climb in your vehicle, fight traffic down busy streets, or hunt endlessly for a parking place every time you wanted to go someplace. Here are 10 retirement towns where you can trade your car for a bike, golf cart, public transit, or – best of all – your own two feet.

In this search we are not mentioning the largest American cities, where having a car is more of a burden than a blessing. For example in New York City, where a surprising percentage or residents don’t even have a drivers license, you can easily pay $500/month just to garage your car. In Gotham you can almost always get there faster on a subway, bus, taxi, Uber, or by (more…)

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The Carolinas Revisited – Flo’s North Carolina Road Trip

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By Flo Williamson (Moderator at!)
March 8, 2017 — There’s nothing so exciting as the thought of a road trip. My husband and I had been discussing revisiting and exploring the coasts of North and South Carolina, and as the grey winter started to settle in, we began to plan our trip in earnest. Our thought was to revisit some towns we had previously seen on a former visit several years ago, dubbed the “Inner Banks Tour”, and to explore some new areas that have always piqued our retirement relocation interest. We’re definitely the type who believe that getting there is half the fun, so rather than speed down Interstate 95, our trip really began as we picked up Rt.17, outside of Norfolk, VA.

Our first stop, Edenton, NC is a town we had visited before. Edenton, the county seat of Chowan County, is a small town with approximately 5,000 residents, located on the Albemarle Sound. If you like being around the water, this is the place to be. At the end of the main (more…)

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Which is Better for Retirement – Florida or Arizona

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February 15, 2017 — From time to time we get the question, “Which is the better state for retirement, Florida in the East, or Arizona in the West”. Both states are popular and have many great places to live. Based on the interest we see on, Florida attracts more retirement interest than any other state: in the last quarter of 2016 people saw our two main Florida pages 24,000 times, double the number viewed for Arizona (just under 12,000). Tennessee, both Carolinas, and Colorado also generate a lot of prospective interest.

Further down in this article we will present various factors for each state so you can draw your own conclusions from the facts. But first, here is your Editor’s personal opinion about what makes each of these two states a great, or not so great place to retire. As always, reader input is extremely important. We encourage you to use the Comments section below to tell your stories and express your (more…)

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Affordable Places to Retire – On the Water and More

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January 11, 2017 — Over the years our Members have told us how important it is for them to find great places to retire that are also affordable. So at this point we have quite a collection of articles with specifics on at least 50 such towns. This article has links to all of them, starting with the original: Affordable Places to Retire on the Waterfront, Part 1. We just updated that article with 2016 real estate prices, and are happy to report that 10 of those towns are still affordable (we swapped in a new one to replace Blue Ridge, GA, which has gotten a little pricey.

More Affordable Towns
If you are looking for an affordable retirement town check out all these articles for even more ideas:

Affordable Places to Retire on the Waterfront, Part 2
20 Great and Affordable Towns to Retire – Part 1
10 Affordable and More Best Places to Retire – Part 2
8 More Affordable Places to Retire
Most Tax-Friendly Places to Retire

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Why Your Best Place to Retire Might Actually Be 2 Places

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December 20, 2016 — Our friend and long-time member Dave E commented on one of our articles from 5 years ago today – the “Two Places Retirement” strategy. The idea of retiring to more than one place, which snowbirds are so fond of, is an interesting topic that many folks are probably interested in learning about. Since many of our Members have never seen the original article, we’ve had a go at updating it.

Here is the link to the updated article: “Why Your Best Place to Retire Might Be 2 Places
The article covers:
– Advantages
– Strategies
– Managing the Costs
– Disadvantages

Plus there is a corresponding article you might also want to check out:
Best Places to Retire: Our Ideal Snowbird Location Pairings, a Member-suggested topic which lists some ideas for what those 2 locations might be.

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