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Gen X Is More Worried About Retirement

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

April 27, 2022 — Of all the current demographic generations, Gen X is the one most worried about its retirement, according to a research study from the SOA Research Institute. They are the folks born between 1965 and 1980, and are the next demographic group to start retiring. Gen X came immediately after baby boomers (1946-1964), but before Gen Y/Millennials (1981-1996), and then Gen Z. Gen Xers are currently between the ages of 42 and 57.

The SOA study researched a number of questions about their retirement preparation and feelings about financial security.

Posted by Admin on April 25th, 2022

8 Habits of Very Successful Retirees

Category: Retirement Planning

November 9, 2021 — A happy retirement is something people look forward to with great anticipation. But just what are the keys to a successful retirement; the things you can do to maximize your happiness and enjoy the fruits of all of those years working? In this article we will try to uncover the secrets that others have used to make their retirements live up to their expectations. We hope our readers will add more ideas from their own experience in the Comments section.

8 keys to retirement succes

Be prepared financially. In poll after poll, the number one fear retirees have is running out of money. So don’t pull that retirement trigger until you have saved the number that will ensure a secure retirement. If that means lining up a part time job, downsizing, or moving to a more affordable home or location, take those steps before you turn in your notice. To help with that, make sure you have developed a realistic budget that balances income and expenses to backup your decision.

Posted by Admin on November 8th, 2021

Most Snowbirds Are Renters, Travel by Car

Category: Retirement Planning

October 6, 2021 — The results of last week’s survey on snowbirds are in. Many thanks to the community spirited folks that filled it out! While we can all speculate about snowbird behavior, it is satisfying and interesting to find out what people like you do in the real world. The results are roughly consistent with our 2018 survey on this topic, which had a much larger response rate. You can compare those results as well as find a link to Part 2 of that report, which lists ideal snowbird pairings and many comments from people who snowbird, here.


Most of the people who completed it are snowbirds, which reflects a natural interest in the topic. The results show a great variety of when people leave for the winter and how long they stay. Some of the most interesting results were comments about how people found their winter place, and how Covid has affected their plans. We have summarized the results for each question below, which we hope might be useful in your own snowbirding lives.

  1. Will you go somewhere warm this winter (be a snowbird), and for how long.

Most of the people taking the survey were snowbirds. There were roughly equal numbers who will go away for periods from 1 to six month. One fourth plan on snowbirding for less than a month.

Posted by Admin on October 5th, 2021

2021 Snowbirding Survey

Category: Retirement Planning

September 28, 2021 — Among retirees a popular conversation starter is always – where, when, if, and how you are going somewhere warm for the winter season. We are curious about your plans for this winter, including if Covid has had any impact on your plans. Please take this very short, 8 question survey. We will report on it in detail in next week’s newsletter. Thanks for your insights!

Here is the link to the survey:

Posted by Admin on September 28th, 2021

How Creative Can You Be in Finding Your Own Way to Retire?

Category: Retirement Planning

September 24, 2021 — Retirement is a modern concept. Not that long ago you worked until you dropped, or couldn’t do the job. The invention of pensions changed that for many people. Then, when Social Security started paying benefits in 1937, retirement became possible for almost everyone.

Until recently, once you retired you lived where you always did, moved in with your children, or, when you could no longer take care of yourself, transitioned to an old folks or nursing home. The landscape changed mightily in 1960 when Sun City opened with its active adult lifestyle and extensive amenities. Suddenly the idea of having fun in retirement became popular, and ever since people have been figuring out new ways to enjoy retirement.

Co-housing, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and 55+ communities all have their devotees. But most of the innovation has come from the retirement industry, whose retirement offerings are geared to put money in their coffers when you buy into their dream.

Posted by Admin on September 24th, 2021

Don’t Forget These 5 Things When Choosing a Place to Retire

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

September 15, 2021 – Members in a recent Topretirements poll gave us their number 1 considerations for choosing a place to retire. Atop the list by a large margin was climate, followed by affordability, being near friends and family, and good medical.  Much further down the list were taxes and political environment.

These are all important things to think about when choosing a place to retire. But there are other, less obvious considerations that are even more critical. Here are 5 overlooked considerations that we think deserve special attention.

  1. Do you really know the area where you about to relocate?

“Rose”, who retired to Myrtle Beach (SC), listed a perfect example of this situation in our recent poll: “Never retire where you like to visit. There are so many tourists and so much traffic it is unbearable. There is very little here that I was looking for, such as classes and like minded people.” 

Posted by Admin on September 14th, 2021

Warm Weather and Climate Top Reasons for Choosing a Place to Retire

Category: Retirement Planning

September 9, 2021 — Thanks to the 300+ folks who responded to last week’s instant poll, which asked what your #1 reason for choosing a place to retire would be. Although we realize most people have multiple factors affecting their choice, the poll tried to identify the single most important. By a large margin that turned out to be: “warm weather or other climate”. The results are shown below, and beneath that we have included some of the more interesting comments that were made on the topic. (Note: You can still take the instant poll and comment on it as well).

It was no big surprise that “affordable” came in second, followed by “lifestyle”, “near friends and family”, and then “near good medical”. “Low taxes” might be included in what people think of as affordable, but we were happy that that factor alone wasn’t what most people base their retirement location decisions on. We think retirement should be fun, so going for good weather and lifestyle is OK in our book.

Comments from Members:
We loved the comments made to this article. Rose’s was one of our favorites, in which she lamented retiring to the loved vacationing in(Myrtle Beach). When she retired there she realized it had a lot of traffic and a shortage of like minded people. Several people were interested in looking for a nice college town with cultural opportunities, while others mentioned that good medical care was up there as an important consideration (and many college towns do have medical schools with hospitals). Sue was looking to avoid extremes – particularly political and climate ones. Weather and climate was echoed by several as the thing to look for. Ellen started her list with low taxes and affordability, then good medical. Tim thinks he is a “climate change refugee”, considering moving from the Pacific Northwest to get away from the smoke and fires.

Bottom line: There are many great reasons for choosing a place to retire, and just about everyone has a different point of view. The point is, knowing what you are looking for will greatly increase your chances of finding it! If you have more thoughts about this topic, please share them in the Comments section below. Plus, if you have other ideas for our instant poll, please share that too!

For further reading and a list of previous surveys:

Posted by Admin on September 8th, 2021

What Is Your #1 Priority for a Place to Retire?

Category: Retirement Planning

August 30, 2021 — We’re curious – if you had to pick one, most important reason why you would pick a place to retire (or already did), what would that be? We realize most people probably have several overlapping criteria that go into their decision, but if you had to pick one – what would that be? You can answer the question right here and then see what everyone else is saying right away. If you select “Other”, please let us know what that is in the Comments section below. Thanks for participating – can’t wait to see the results.

For results of the more elaborate survey we did on this topic in 2018, click on this link: “Think taxes are the most important reason to choose a place to retire: better think again“.

Comments? Please feel free to elaborate on your reasons (pro or con) in the Comments section below.

See final results and article summarizing them.

Posted by Admin on August 29th, 2021

11 Reasons Why You Should Retire Where You Live Now

Category: Retirement Planning

May 22, 2021— More than three-quarters of baby boomers won’t move more than a few miles away from where they live now when they retire. This article will explore the case for sticking close to home in the next phase of your life.

There must be plenty of strong arguments for staying put, since so many of us do just that. Here are some of the major ones, along with ideas on how to make that decision work.

– Family. Staying close to children and close relatives is often the best reason for retiring where you live now. Grandchildren, if we are fortunate enough to have any, are usually a great source of joy, but without all the work associated with raising our own children! So sticking close enough where you can see loved ones without a long drive or plane flight will be a regular source of happiness. In the past Covid year, those extended families who lived near one another had a big advantage many others did not.

Posted by Admin on May 21st, 2021

You Are Ready to Retire. But What Is Your Plan for 20 Years From Now?

Category: Retirement Planning

March 23, 2021 — Whew, you finally figured out your retirement. You know where you are going to retire, what you are going to do everyday, and how you are going to pay for it all. Congratulations!

But before you get too complacent, there is an important part of your retirement plan that you might not have considered – how that plan might change if you survive into your 80s and 90s (and we hope you do!). In this article we will first talk about the key issues that need to considered in what is called forward planning, and then provide comments from Topretirements members about their planning for long term retirement.

At 65 or 70 most of us feel pretty good and are able to do most of the things we have always done. Our health might not be perfect, but we are getting along OK. Unfortunately, this won’t always be the case, even though most people don’t ever consider that. Our health can change in an instant – cancer, heart problem, Covid long term symptoms, stroke, or an accident. Even if we escape those scourges, old age is inevitable. If we are lucky, it will happen, and diminished faculties will come along with it. Sound long range retirement planning acknowledges this and takes steps to best manage it. Most importantly, taking forward planning into account early in the process can lead to a much more sensible retirement plan, one with fewer mistakes and do-overs.

The major long term retirement issues

These are some of the big long term retirement issues to consider. There are undoubtedly more, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Health. Most of the problems that come with old age are health related. So beyond taking good care of ourselves, we need to recognize we will probably need a lot of medical care as we age. Choosing a retirement location with easy access to high quality medical care is therefore important. Living on a lake might be appealing, but if it is 100 miles from a big hospital and we have a big emergency or require treatment for a chronic condition, it is not such a good choice.

Posted by Admin on March 23rd, 2021