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Working in Retirement Survey: About Half Are Working, and You Like It

Category: Work and Volunteering

January 24, 2018 — The survey from last week asked 11 questions about your plans or experiences concerning work after retirement. Over 400 members gave back to this community by taking the time to respond (thank you on behalf of everyone who will profit from your investment!). This article will summarize the overall results along with the data for each question. And, since so many people shared their opinions, we have provided you with summary documents where you can read all of the practical ideas, experiences, (more…)

Posted by Admin on January 24th, 2018

Do You Plan on Working After You Retire?

Category: Work and Volunteering

January 14, 2018 — Do you have plans for working after you retire? And if you did, how did it work out? We know many people think they might work after they retire, either to keep busy or to help overcome an income shortfall. We would like to find out more about what people like you intend to do on this subject. Please fill out our new, quick question quiz on your plans to work post-retirement. We’ll take the results and develop an informative article that summarizes what we learn about people’s plans and the success they might have had in finding work in the next few weeks.


Posted by Admin on January 13th, 2018

Working in Retirement – The New Reality

Category: Work and Volunteering

October 15, 2017 — The idea of retirement is supposed to be – that you get to relax and not work anymore. Unfortunately that concept is running up against a harsh reality; not having enough money to retire. In this article we will talk about some creative ways folks in that predicament are managing to survive.

A harsh reality
A record one in five Americans over 65 is working today, a reflection of our longer lifespans and a changing world. An increasing proportion of retirees in the workforce coincides with the avalanche of baby boomers hitting retirement age; the oldest boomers are 71 this year. Although many are employed because they like working, millions of others are forced into it because of their fragile finances. Three quarters of Americans between 55 and 64 have less than $30,000 saved, according to the AARP. According the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Social Security constitutes at least 90 percent of income for more than one-third of retirees. And, since (more…)

Posted by Admin on October 14th, 2017

Baby Boomers: Forget “Plastics”, Become a Senior Concierge

Category: Work and Volunteering

May 23, 2017 — There is a great new industry getting off the ground now, one that is likely to get even bigger as more and more of us baby boomers age. The popular term is “senior concierge”, and you can join the movement in multiple ways: as a volunteer, employee, or entrepreneur. Who knows, maybe even Benjamin, Dustin Hoffman’s character in “The Graduate“, would be getting advice to go into this field, were that he was a real person and entering retirement!

The idea is simple. More and more people need help as they age or experience some type of impairment. In fact the U.S. will have 72 million folks over age 65 by 2030. Enter senior concierges, who can provide assistance for all kinds of everyday needs. For example many people can’t drive anymore, but want to live at home. You can do their shopping for them, take them to appointments, or do anything they have (more…)

Posted by Admin on May 22nd, 2017

The Infinite Possibilities of Volunteering: Tell Us About Your Experiences

Category: Work and Volunteering

August 23, 2016 — One of the often overlooked challenges of retirement is how you will stay busy and engaged over time. You might think that you’ll be happy just by kicking back and relaxing, but that is not generally how humans are built. In that regard we are a lot like working dogs, happiest when we have a job or activity that keeps our minds and bodies busy.

Volunteering is an obvious and rewarding way to keep a focus in retirement. There are so many possibilities: mentoring children, helping a small business on a project, assisting at the library or hospital, trading work for free space at a national park, helping a local volunteer group or community association, or (more…)

Posted by Admin on August 22nd, 2016

So You Want to Start a New Business in Retirement?

Category: Work and Volunteering

September 1, 2015 — Note: This is continuing series. See the latest installment: “The Sharing Economy Could Be Your Ticket to a Comfortable Retirement“.
Elaine (Brickhorse), a longstanding member at Topretirements, recently asked if we could write an article about working and/or starting your own business in retirement. We think it is a great topic so we have shared some thoughts about it here. Best of all, we look forward to reading the experiences, hopes, and dreams of all the great people who contribute to this website in the Comments section below.

Sure, lots of people dream about starting their own business. It sounds great: be your own boss, make lots of money, work when you want to, do something you love – there are many good reasons (or fantasies!) to be an entrepreneur. On the other hand there are plenty of negative realities to think about. This article will explore the pros and cons, as well as summarize some of the current best practices for how to go about starting your own business, large or small.

The Pros
We think there are at least 4 great reasons to start a business in retirement:

Do what you like to do. We read (more…)

Posted by Admin on August 31st, 2015

The Ultimate Downsize – Get Down to a Suitcase and Hit the Road

Category: Work and Volunteering

September 7, 2014 — We are happy to read that more and more baby boomers are taking a pro-active role in downsizing. They are doing it intentionally, tackling clutter room by room and not adding on new stuff either. But how about the ultimate – getting rid of just about everything – including your house – and hitting the road? More than a few boomers are choosing this path.

In 2013 there were over 360,000 Americans who receive their Social Security at non-U.S. addresses, which was a 48% increase over 10 years before. Of course that doesn’t include hundreds of thousands more who travel either for long periods – abroad or in the U.S. – but still retain (more…)

Posted by Admin on September 7th, 2014

5 Dream Jobs for Your Retirement

Category: Work and Volunteering

August 12, 2014 — OK, it’s a little bit of an oxymoron to put jobs and retirement in the same sentence. But we are not talking about full-time employment, we mean part-time or flex-time jobs. We also don’t mean for this article to be a one way stream of information – our hope is that our members will contribute their ideas on dream retirement jobs – both the positions themselves and the criteria that make for a great gig. We also recommend our Blog series on Adventurous Baby Boomer Retirements, where we’ve posted multiple profiles of fascinating, and off-beat retirements.

Criteria for dream jobs
Here are some criteria that we associate with dream jobs:
Flexible schedule. You are retired, so who (more…)

Posted by Admin on August 11th, 2014

What Do Baby Boomer Retirees Do All Day – Anyway?

Category: Work and Volunteering

September 10, 2013 — It’s one of the first questions you will probably get as a new retiree – what will you do all day?  A new study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has some of the answers, which include …  more time on many of the things you do already, but less time on some activities that you might not have enjoyed that much anyway. The Bureau’s American Time Use Survey was the focus of today’s New York Times article – “Americans at Leisure, or Still at Work“. We will highlight some of the key findings of this and some other recent studies. (The Times Retirement section also has several other worthwhile articles, including ones on the Senior Discount, Annuities, and Starting a Business).

Work – or Play?
One of the survey’s most interesting findings is that more people today over 65 are working. A decade ago 13.9% of those over 65 were in the workforce, today that is up 18.7%. Some 20% of Americans aged 70-74 are working, which declines to (more…)

Posted by Admin on September 10th, 2013

Best Places to Find Work in Retirement

Category: Work and Volunteering

January 26, 2013 — If you have decided to work in retirement you will not be alone. More and more boomers will continue to look for employment once they hit retirement age, whether because they like what they are doing, need the money, or just want to stay busy. Here in Part 2 of our series on working in retirement we list a selection of some of the best places to find work in retirement. See Part 1: “Working in Retirement: How to Find a Job That Works for You” for more on strategies for finding the right job for you.

Many Possibilities
The first thing we discovered (more…)

Posted by Admin on January 26th, 2013