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Walmart vs. Amazon Deliver Service

Category: Financial and taxes in retirement

October 18, 2020 — We have had several members who posted about rival delivery services to another unrelated Blog. So we are publishing those comments here and taken them off the other one. That should keep things cleaner.

From Mary 11 – I signed up for the yearly unlimited Walmart Delivery service. I order once or twice per week. I paid $98 but you save alot of money in the long run. I haven’t been to a grocery store since January. We don’t do restaurant delivery because of Covid so we do alot of cooking at home….

From Clyde: To add to Mary11’s post, Walmart also has free pickup at most stores. Prices are identical to what you’d find inside the stores, and there are lots of other items available besides groceries. There is no human contact involved. You just wait in your car and have the items put in your trunk or storage area. You do need to set up their app on your smartphone. So if you happen to live near a Walmart with pickup, that can be helpful.

From Jennifer –-Mary 11, you do not need to justify yourself. We all have choices and make them based on our particular needs. I may skimp on some things, but not the quality of the food I eat.

I wish that Trader Joes had such a service–I spoke with the Manager of our local store and he said they want people to “experience” T.J.’s. They discourage personal shoppers at our store. In this pandemic I would have hoped this policy would change as they have good selections for less money overall.

From Maimi –-Mary11, I use Instacart and signed up for the yearly service, which is reasonable, but that does not include a 15-20% tip for every delivery. It would mot be fair or acceptable not to pay the delivery people who are working very hard in a pandemic. So the 98 dollars you pay Walmart is just the start. i assume you tip. You are actually paying the salary of the delivery people. It is expensive. I don’t use Walmart because they don’t have a good choice of healthy organic foods, which I must have. Instagram services many local grocery stores. No matter which service you use, having to have everything delivered is very expensive.

From Louise — Mary 11, why don’t you just order $35 worth of stuff from Walmart and get free shipping rather than spend the $98? I order from Walmart all the time, sometimes once or twice a week and always order at least $35 and always get free shipping. Am I missing something?

From Mary 11 — To be honest….I mainly use Walmart because only Amazon or Walmart accept EBT. If you order from Walmarts grocery delivery service you always pay a delivery fee. I also buy boxed and canned foods which do qualify for the free delivery through regular Walmart. I live in CA and orders are filled in 2 hours so that’s another convenience….

Comments? If you have something to add you can do so in the Comments section below.

Posted by Admin on October 18th, 2020


  1. I personally do not use Walmart as the food looks picked over and substandard. Whole Foods via Amazon does a super job and if you are a prime member deliver is free. They add a $5.00 tip but I throw on a few more dollars depending on the cost of my total order. I spend about $68.00 per week or so. I have to have organic fresh vegetables every day and I want the best quality. In DC that would be Whole Foods Market and sometimes I will go to Trader Joes for a very few items in fresh produce that I cannot get elsewhere for a reasonable price.

    by Jennifer — October 19, 2020

  2. Mary 11, I think what I missed is the fact that you can get fresh groceries like product, dairy, deli, meats.

    I only order shelf stable stuff from Walmart. Canned, boxed, packaged.

    Maimi, why don’t you check out Misfits Vegetable delivery. They are organic but the veggies can be a bit ugly or deformed but still edible. They claim you save money on organic veggies and fruits thru them. I subscribed for a while and the stuff was pretty good. However, at that time you couldn’t pick and choose what you got. They sent you a box and whatever was in it was the weekly veg and fruits. Now, a friend of mine says they can pick what they want each week.

    by Louise — October 19, 2020

  3. My husband and I have used Walmart pick up since Covid. Very easy to use, however, some items they say are out of stock are in the store so we have to go inside. Also, some times the fresh veggies aren’t so fresh, but Walmart will give you a refund for items you are not pleased with.

    by Carolyn E — October 19, 2020

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