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Traditions of America is excited to bring the 55+ Live Better lifestyle to Richland Township in Pittsburgh's North Hills with its latest ...

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Traditions of America is excited to bring the 55+ Live Better lifestyle to the South Hills of Pittsburgh! Traditions of America at Southp...

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How Topretirements Got Started – An Interview on JungleRedWriters

Category: General Retirement Issues

August 16, 2018 – 10 years ago this month came out of the ether and appeared on the world wide web. It didn’t look like much, but there was some pretty good (if limited) information. Since that time we’ve had several redesigns and make overs, and the new content keeps coming. As of 2016, there are reviews of over 1000 towns and 3200 active and 55+ communities. Plus thousands of Blog articles and 10s of thousands of Comments. Based on the feedback we get, it looks like we have helped a lot of people along the way with their retirements. That makes us feel good!
Our FIrst Logo This was our first logo.

Today there is a profile and Q & A about over at, the website for a group of women authors. If you are interested, it will tell you how we got started with the idea and some of the challenges and successes along the way. Here is the link to the article “Lunch with Mr.

Do you have ideas for our 10th Anniversary Edition?
Before the year ends we would like to mark the anniversary with a celebratory issue. Do you have ideas on the kinds of things we might include? We were thinking along the lines of “Best of”, “Worst of”, “Funniest of”, but would love to hear your ideas. Also, any feedback you have would be great to include – thinks that helped, didn’t help, things you wished for we don’t have. Please add your thoughts in the Comments below!

The image below is what the current “Best Places” tab looked like in the first year.

Posted by Admin on August 18th, 2016


  1. Congrats on a terrific, helpful site!

    by Jan Cullinane — August 19, 2016

  2. You have helped everyone with having a site to explore and find answers to retirement. Congrats on 10 years! I figure after 10 years you have some percentages on retirement “tried and true”, that would make for an interesting 10th Anniversary Edition.

    by DeyErmand — August 19, 2016

  3. Many thanks for bringing people and retirement ideas together.

    by Elaine B — August 20, 2016

  4. You have a great website and perform a tremendous service, John. But I also enjoyed reading all the comments after your interview. It’s interesting that TopRetirements has been such a hit and yet the other web business ideas sort of struggled. That in itself should be an AHA! moment for all. And the whole concept is just another dramatic example of how planning can be so critical to everything — from developing a web business to retirement. Fascinating to see how you opened eyes in the JungleRed arena also!

    by Rich — August 20, 2016

  5. To All: Glad that you enjoyed the JungleRed article, and thanks for the kind comments and suggestions for the Anniversary edition.

    Also, this Comment came in from Robert Mucci:
    John love your website and I have sent many people there. I just posted it and this rate on my Facebook page with links. As for the 10 year anniversary edition… how about interviewing a couple of your early subscribers who are still members and see how your information helped them over the years….

    Also, since your website is full of info…. how about an article about why some should start thinking and planning for retirement (outside of saving) about 10 years before they retire. There are logical reasons and each year as you get closer to that speed date one needs to consider different things… Kind of Your 10 Plan in a cliff notes version.

    by Admin — August 21, 2016

  6. I particularly like that suggestion by Robert Mucci about an article encouraging retirement planning (aside from saving which should be started as early as possible/reasonable) at least 10 years ahead. There are just so many reasons including the extensive need for planning (as John and I have repeatedly said), but also the need to modify plans with age and changing conditions. And what if, like us, a sudden change necessitates and earlier retirement than expected — a recent article said that is common. Early planning may allow travel to assist with the plans or adjustments to be made for the unexpected. And it could even include the need to continue retirement planning for at least 10 years AFTER retirement. Another article might look at how the actual time after retirement leads to changes in retirement expectations and plans.

    by Rich — August 21, 2016

  7. Ditto on the anniversary edition for interviewing, or opening up a section on how they have used this site and how it has helped make the actual decision, including how happy or unhappy they are with their choices and what information was most useful? I find all of it useful but we haven’t made a decision yet.
    Thanks for this website and all the work you do for it. And how wonderful that it is profitable!

    by Carold — August 21, 2016

  8. I agree with all the above. It has led me to additional web sites to check out taxes-weather and many other things. I love this site/forum.

    by Ron F — August 22, 2016

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