Best States to Retire: Comparing North and South Carolina

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May 30, 2018– We have just updated our ever-popular “Dueling Retirement States” series with the North and South Carolina comparison. With all up to date demographic and pricing information, this article, “Dueling Retirement States: Which Is a Better Place to Retire, North or South Carolina” has a treasure trove of information. Originally written in 2010, it has almost 600 very interesting Comments on retirement-oriented towns in these states, and what it is like to live these states. Check it out -the facts are useful and the commentary is amazing!

Posted by Admin on May 29th, 2018


  1. Anyone live in any of the Yes Communities? There are several in the North and South Carolina’s that I would like to hear about. Thank you,

    by Donna — June 8, 2018

  2. Does anyone have info on living in Aiken, SC.
    Have looked at the Retreat at Stormy Branch, looks like a nice development. Any info on this development.

    by JudyZ — June 10, 2018

  3. Hi JudyZ,
    You may want to post your question on the South Carolina Forum for more information.

    by Moderator Flo — June 11, 2018

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