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Where You Said You Will Retire – Lots More Suggestions!

Category: Best Retirement Towns and States

May 19, 2021 — Last week we asked our Members to tell us where they retired, or where they are considering. The response, although certainly not overwhelming, did come up with a lot more suggestions. To see all of them you can go to the Comments from that article, 29 of them so far. We have summarized (lightly editing) the places that were mentioned there, but you should really read the originals in their entirety to get more detail. We also encourage you to tell us where you are retiring, either at the bottom of this article or on the original one. Thank you to all who contributed, we really appreciate you making the effort!

  • We retired to Cocoa Beach, FL, which is more of a small-town atmosphere than many areas of Florida. 
  •  We are now 3-1/2 years deliriously happy in SE Maine. The state is beautiful, the town adorable and everything is at our finger tips.
  • My husband and I moved to Playa del Carmen, MX. We had vacationed in this area for the last 20 years so it felt comfortable and familiar. Our main criteria for settling here was the warm weather, beach access, numerous activities to keep us busy and forty minutes to access a large International airport.
  • Three years ago retired in Albuquerque, NM and still unsettled…the health care is poor, crime high, folks have long time friends and I haven’t felt an openness to newcomers.
  • My wife & I retired to Saddlebrooke Ranch north of Tucson 1 year ago after 32 years in Ohio. Amenities are excellent, the community is rapidly growing, and the neighborhoods are well maintained. 
  • Last fall we purchased a condo in RI (in a 55+ community) just 20 minutes from our son & his family. It was the best decision we could have made.
  • We retired to Sacramento Ca. after 35 years in Maryland. Yes, California, the most taxed and fees state in the union because of family. Sacramento has great weather, an international airport, and high quality medical services.
  • My wife and I retired to Milton, DE in Sussex county. Near all the beaches and attractions. Rapid growth going on here as many from MD, PA, and NJ are primary newcomers.
  • We retired to Tucson, AZ 3 years ago and we really love it heat and all. Medical care is good here and we are pretty close to shopping but will still have to drive as we age. 
  • We finally pulled the trigger and purchased a home in Colonial Heritage 55+ development in Williamsburg Virginia. Had some reservations at first, but now…none! Never had such wonderful friends (neighbors) in our lives.
  • Every afternoon I sit on the patio on a big comfortable lounge chair with a bottle of bourbon. I pour myself a nice size drink and think and dream of South Carolina….when that drink is done, I pour another, and before I know it I am in Florida…by the time I get to my fourth drink, I have been to North Carolina and Texas. The next day, my mind travels to Colorado.
  • We retired in Gilbert, AZ. The climate is okay, although it seems to be getting hotter longer each year. There are many options to keep busy and the cost of living isn’t too high. I don’t like the politics though.
  •  (After) looking at all the other places to retire I’m beginning to think Ohio may become my Mecca. The weather for me is almost perfect usually between 50 and 80°. The snow for the past few years has been minimal and we have everything we need. Plenty of great hospitals around and very low cost of living. I don’t have much incentive to move.
  • Still researching and now home prices have skyrocketed out of reach! We have lived in Tucson area too long (20 years) and too darn hot too many months of the year – don’t move here if you think the 80’s are uncomfortable and don’t like the 90’s.
  • After looking all around the country, we’ve decided to stay in Texas, closer to the kids. We have picked Denton, Texas, where there is a 55 and over community, Robson Ranch. Denton is in the northern part of Texas.
  • My husband and I retired to a community in Port Charlotte, FL. We’ve made so many friends here and love it from October – April. Beaches are nearby and there’s many things to do. We now would like to be around people in a community on the East Coast where there are people nearby. Has anyone considered buying land and building their own cottage community?
  • Every time we travel, I view the place with the question of “would I want to retire here?” I’ve narrowed the list to the Florida panhandle, Texas Rio Grande Valley (where I grew up), Arizona/New Mexico area, and the Big Island of Hawaii. But also high on that list is our present location of Portland, Maine.
  • Considering San Diego where we own and Tampa, FL. Common themes between both locations: warm climate, urban area but not in a megalopolis, beaches and sites are close, and not in an over-55 community.
  • We retired to a small college town in central Ky. After finishing college in Utah, my career had me living in several states with the last 38 years being in Southern California. We enjoyed California and while it has a lot to offer, the crowds, traffic and expenses can be overwhelming. Also if you are not near the coast, hot summer weather can be challenging.
  • Over the years we visited KY periodically to see my parents until their passing. After retiring… we were able to have a house built and down size. We had forgotten how beautiful the state is and how great it is to have four seasons. The winters are mild compared to some of the northern states we lived in. We are so happy we made the move. Almost everything is less expensive.
  • We are seriously considering a move to the ‘Lower 48’ because Alaska is rather remote. We are leaning towards Arizona somewhere in the Prescott and Flagstaff areas as a new home base.
  • Currently the Palm Springs area, west side of Phoenix and north of Tuscon around the Catalina Mountain area have made our short list.
  • I am looking down the road to the Piedmont region of the Carolinas for housing affordability and warmer winters. 
  • I really, really want to head to VA for our final phase, but with a grandson in TN, we will have to see. 
  • I too would like more comments about the Williamsburg, VA area. My husband and I visit there often from Virginia Beach and just love the area!
  • My husband will retire in less than 2 yrs and we decided on Ovation 55+in Pahrump Nevada. It is a very small unincorporated town 45 min from Las Vegas.
  • I retired two years ago after moving from New England to Northeastern North Carolina. The friendliest people that we’ve ever met. We are an hour from the Outer Banks.
  • My wife and I retired to Pinehurst a few years ago. We had thought we would retire to the beach. It’s very easy to make friends here and there is a lot more than just golf here.

So, where did you retire, or where are you considering. Add your thoughts below in the Comments section – everyone wants to know!

Posted by Admin on May 18th, 2021


  1. We moved from St. Louis to the DFW area in Texas 22 years ago for employment reasons. Two of our four children are residing in DFW and another will be soon. So, because there will be three children in the area, at least for now, the pull of future grandchildren has kept us in the area. We sold our big house this year and moved about 20 miles farther out to a new development in Flower Mound, Texas. This allows us to keep our doctors, dentist etc. and still be close, but not too close, to the kids and grandkids.

    by LS — May 19, 2021

  2. We moved from Albuquerque NM to the Fox River Valley in NE Wisconsin to be closer to family. Yes, it’s cold here in the winter and yes, it snows a lot more than in central NM. But compared to ABQ, the crime here is almost nonexistent. We can leave our home here in WI in the winter for warmer temps and not have the worries of possible break ins, vandalism, theft, etc. we loved the NM climate and the food but are quite happy here in WI.

    by Laurie — June 2, 2021

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