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9 Ways Baby Boomers Can Stay Young at Heart

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

June 19, 2012 — One of our favorite things about baby boomers is that in our minds we think we are young people – even if our bodies might betray us from time to time. On the other hand you have probably noticed that some boomers come across as younger in their mental outlook and personalities than others. The younger seeming folks are a lot more interesting, more fun to be with, and happier. So we thought it would be worthwhile listing a few tips and suggestions that can help all of us keep our youthful aspect, and make us better companions. We welcome your suggestions as well.

1. Be positive. Is their anything more unattractive than someone who complains about everything and everybody around them? Sure there are plenty of things that go wrong everyday. But the people who can keep a positive outlook, who try to find the good side in every situation, or at least the humor in a setback are a whole lot more fun to be around.

2. Find a new activity or sport. Our brains and bodies thrive on new stimulation. You’ll be a lot happier and more interesting if there is something new in your life – maybe it’s dancing, crossword puzzles, a new language, an art class, sport like pickleball, an exercise class – whatever. If there is a college, community college, or adult education opportunity in your community – grab it!

3. Find a purpose. This might mean a job – volunteer or paid. In our experience busy people are happy people. Think about what kind of work you like to do, and then go out and ask whoever you think might be able to provide that kind of work. Ask at the Town Hall, church, or non-profit group – almost every organization needs volunteers.

4. Improve your primary relationships. People get in ruts when it comes to their relationships with spouse, significant other, best friend, or children. And sometimes those ruts aren’t so attractive – bickering, taking for granted, etc. Almost any relationship can be improved – if you look for ways to reduce arguments, improve listening, get better quality time, etc. Start by standing back and observing – do you and your spouse or children argue too much? Better listening, communication, and understanding can improve almost any relationship. Give yourself an assignment to find out how your spouse or child really feels about an issue. Or ask yourself what you originally found so attractive in them, and try to find and treasure that again.

5. Explore your local attractions. One of our friends gave us a great idea recently. He and his wife are on a mission to explore all of the local attractions that they were too busy to visit during their working years. Like the town and state parks they overlooked, local theaters and concerts, ethnic restaurants, and historical sites. In most cases these are the kinds of attractions you would seek out if you went to another area. And most are free or very inexpensive entertainment.

6. Make friends with people of different ages. Every age has something different to offer, and it’s boring to just have friends your own age. Find someone interesting much younger or older and make a new friend. It will keep you younger, and more interesting.

7. Ration your talk about your Medical problems. No doubt we all have our physical ailments and medical treatments that take up more of our lives than we would care to. But for heavens sake, there are other things to talk about. Your companions will appreciate it.

8. Change your media. If you watch TV a lot, go to the movies. If you watch Fox TV, listen to NPR (and vice-versa). If you read non-fiction, try a novel. Watch a popular TV show aimed at a different age group. Find out what the most popular websites are try to see the attraction.

9. Get regular exercise. A regular exercise routine will not only keep your body looking younger, it will improve your mental outlook as well. Obviously, follow your doctor’s advice though.

For further reference:
5 Ways to Stay Young at Heart

Comments? What are your favorite tips and strategies for feeling young? Please share them in the Comments section below.

Posted by John Brady on June 19th, 2012

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