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Golf Stages Comeback: The Coronavirus Boost!

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

April 46, 2020. — The spectre of coronavirus and COVID-19 has us hunkered down in our homes. Senior centers are closed, the nets are down on pickleball and tennis courts, clubhouses are locked. Shopping trips are a pastime of …. time past. So what can you do – play golf!

At The Villages in Central Florida, golf is about the only remaining leisure activity. Because golf is played outside in fairly wide open spaces with no contact with other people or their equipment, proponents argue that it is a safe activity. At The Villages there are some restrictions to maintain social distancing, like one person per rental golf cart, covers over the holes, and non-removable flagsticks so nothing is touched when retrieving the ball. Clubhouses, bars, and restaurants are closed. People there are out playing, happy to be able to do something other than watch coronavirus updates on TV.

Sumter County issued a stay at home advisory, which listed certain permissible recreational activities like walking, biking, hiking, fishing, and swimming. Golf wasn’t mentioned specifically, but officials clarified that golf would be OK provided that golf courses manage social distancing properly. Meanwhile most pickleball and tennis courts have been removed so people cannot play those sports.

In other parts of the country golf courses seem to be split between those that are open for play and those closed down. In Key West, the Golf Club was closed because it was not deemed an essential business. In Connecticut many private clubs are open, but have adopted strict rules and tee times to enforce social distancing.

Update on The Villages and Coronavirus. The University of Florida Health tested about 2300 residents of The Villages for coronavirus, most of whom displayed symptoms. Twenty three of them tested positive. Of the 1,400 people who did not have symptoms, two were positive. The median age there is 72, so most residents are definitely in the age group that is most vulnerable.

Comments? What is happening in your area with golf and other activities. Are they still possible? What are you doing to get your exercise and/or keep your sanity? Let us know in the Comments section below.

Posted by Admin on April 5th, 2020


  1. For more on how golf courses are handling this, see

    by Admin — April 6, 2020

  2. I can confirm that at our club, the stream of golfers is constant as I look out on the course. This is despite the terrible weather we have been having in the DFW area for the last 3 weeks where it has rained almost every day with low temperatures and wind chills. Mostly, the golfers are walking because the course is water logged or they ride in carts that are limited to cart path only (single rider unless with a family member).

    by LS — April 6, 2020

  3. All courses are closed in Pa and NJ, even for walkers. Luckily my yard backs up to a field of grass (no growing too much yet) and then some woods and I have a dozen wiffle-type golf balls and a bunch of water balls. On nice days I spend some time working on my game. It’s not the same as playing but practice is good.

    by Jean — April 6, 2020

  4. Our courses here in Arizona are open… is down but pricing is good. We are now allowed to use our own personal golf carts which was prevented before the virus took hold. A pvc pipe piece have been inserted in the pin hole so the ball can be extracted easily and all other touch points have been eliminated from the courses. Also, when paying for the round only one person is allowed in the club house at a time and no cash transactions.

    by Bruce — April 6, 2020

  5. Reason 345 not to seek out the Villages.. Nice to know how they push the site, and golf, golf, golf. I am so not against golf or golfers etc. But there just is something not right about this article. Seeking a way to validate being on the golf course appears to be a priority for far too many. I guess there are still too many seniors forgetting that we only get one go around. Worth risking that one chance…..I don’t think so. :-{

    by Edith E Cuttler — April 6, 2020

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