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Good News for Retirees: Sex Is Good for You!

Category: Health and Wellness Issues

November 27, 2022 — Researchers at The John Hopkins Sex and Gender Clinic have a message for people over 50: “It’s not just for young people.” In an article at AARP, Kate Thomas, Director of Clinical Services says that ““It can strengthen our relationships, promote self-esteem, and improve our sense of identity.” Beyond that, the article listed other ways researchers have found sex is beneficial to older people.

8 ways sex is good for you

Boosts Immunity. Apparently a romp in the hay is also good at improving your response to disease, possibly even Covid. People who had more sex showed more immunity than others according to a study by researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

Improves Heart Health. One of the studies on this topic in the American Journal of Cardiology found that younger men who had sex at least twice a week were much less likely to die of heart disease than those who had it once a month. It could be the connections to another person were part of this improvement. The heart health benefits appear to be much more significant for women. On the other hand, a Michigan State University study found that older men had a significant risk of experiencing some form of adverse cardiac event from sex. This seems like an important topic for every man over 50 to discuss with their doctor.

Relieves Headaches. One study found that men who experienced migraines relieved the symptoms by having sex.

Improves Response to Menopause. Among women who are able to have sex, regular sexual activity can help delay the symptoms of menopause. Dr. Amir Marashi, a gynecologist in New York, recommends to some of her older patients to try more sex before they try hormonal replacements.

Reduces Chances of Prostate Cancer. Apparently, more frequent ejaculations have something positive to do with reducing prostate cancer (part of the fluid in ejaculation comes from the prostate). This comes from a Harvard study.

Relieves Stress. This one seems like a no brainer, but is a real benefit.

Burns Calories. Sex, no matter how brief, is still exercise, and that is good for you.

Improves Sleep. Several studies report a majority of subjects experience a feeling of sleepiness after sex. Seems like a better plan than taking a sleeping aid.

Bottom line

Not everyone is able to have sex in their older years. Vaginal dryness and pain might be two reasons for women, and ED or cardiac problems in men. Talk with your doctor about the benefits of sex and whether it is a good idea for you. Meanwhile, if you are healthy and able to have it – have at it!

For further reading:

Web MD: Guide to Sex After 60

Posted by Admin on November 26th, 2022

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