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Where Is Your First Post-Covid Travel Experience Going to Be?

Category: Travel

August 11, 2020 – Someday this whole wretched Covid experience is going to be behind us. Just when – nobody knows – dependent on when we start to take it seriously, get an effective vaccine, a cure, or heaven help us, herd immunity. So when that happy day comes, we want to know – where are you going to go on your first trip!

Perhaps it will be family related. Your editor is going to get on a plane and visit his grandchildren in California. After that, it might be somewhere far away that is high on our bucket list. New Zealand, Scandinavia, Ireland – they are all possibilities. A cruise – probably not right away.

Peebles, Scotland

For some people that first trip might be something simple – a hike in a state park, a trip to the beach, or a visit to some national parks. Maybe we can’t actually travel right now, but we sure can dream – and plan. It might also be a good time to book something far into the future. The travel industry is in terrible trouble right now. Most tour operators and airlines are probably willing to allow free changes in order to get a commitment now.

Comments? Please share your travel thoughts and dreams in the Comments section below. It might be good therapy for us to get some interesting ideas for an easier time ahead.

Posted by Admin on August 10th, 2020


  1. My daughter relocated to Boulder, Co last week. I have not seen her since Christmas. this will be my first trip. Probably will not fly but will drive and see some sights along the way. I hope it will be soon.

    by Kathy — August 11, 2020

  2. I had booked a “birthday” solo cruise at the end of 2/21 out of NY/NY about a year ago, but I seriously doubt that I’ll be traveling. I’m weighing finding a rental somewhere, but will probably wait until 2022 for my next trip.

    One of my kids in healthcare is supporting a Covid research project. He told us that the FDA/federal gov’t dropped the usual threshold for a vaccine’s effectiveness from 60-70% to 50% to fast-track a Covid vaccine. Of course, any vaccine that is ultimately approved may have a higher efficacy rate, but if it’s only 50% effective…I won’t be traveling for a very long time.

    by Kate — August 11, 2020

  3. After I kept procrastinating canceling my September flight (since my funds expired this October,) Southwest ended up canceling MY flight and changed the available funds expiration date till September 2022! Yay!! Wherever we end up going will be on Southwest (can’t help it, love those people for so many great flight experiences.) Hoping to take the new grand baby to the ocean for his first time.

    by Daryl — August 11, 2020

  4. Almost too many variables to consider. Will there still be hotspots? How effective is any vaccine? Our state of health? Is Dante, our dog still a factor? Everything everyone else might suggest? Best guess — to a marijuana friendly state. So many health concerns that might help.

    by RichPB — August 11, 2020

  5. Flying to Utah this month for stepsons wedding. Not looking forward to it all.

    by Tomi — August 11, 2020

  6. Well, so far I have gone to Laughlin and Vegas and Phoenix. Leaving for South Carolina in 3 weeks. I’m too old to sit around waiting for this to end. If I die, I die.

    by Pat R — August 11, 2020

  7. I am tired of this too. But I think I would feel pretty guilty if I killed a health care worker, family member, or essential worker because I was tired of it. I’ll wait, and hope I can some more good trips in before I kick the bucket from old age or some other mishap. There are a lot of national parks I want to see.

    by Rick — August 11, 2020

  8. My first trip will be to see my grandchild in Atlanta. She is 2 years old and we saw her every month pre coronavirus. Either her mom (a doctor) would visit us or we would go to ATL from Boston. Because my daughter said she would never forgive herself if she passed COVID to us, she will not visit or allow us to visit her. I know it is for the best but I miss my grand very, very much. Facetime helps but it is just not the same.

    After this nightmare of COVID, I would like to take a more costly trip that I would not ordinarily take. We go to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico every year for 2 weeks but might try something more exotic. Another daughter just spent 8 months in Senegal and plans to return yearly for extended periods as she and her husband started a farm there. Visiting Senegal is on my list of things to do after COVID. I am not using my vacation time at work so it is accumulating.

    by joanne — August 12, 2020

  9. We have not flown since March, but we have traveled from NM to WI twice due to family issues, TX to see our grandkids and CA to see family. We mask, wash hands and stay out of crowds. We plan to travel the entire I-40 route in Oct. the only risk factor we have is age and we don’t intend to stay at home the rest of our lives. We are still waiting for an AIDS vaccine, so who knows how long it might be for a COVID vaccine?

    by Laurie — August 12, 2020

  10. I simply cannot understand people who are ignoring the pandemic and traveling despite all of the warnings. The attitude of “ if I die, I die” , ignores the science of how pandemics spread. I would never want to cause another person to die or suffer from this virus. I value life and after a long battle with cancer, I know how precious life is. After this is over, I would love to travel across the country, go back to Bermuda, Ireland, and Greece. The country has to unite to beat this virus before it is too late. Too many are dying.

    by Maimi — August 13, 2020

  11. We have gone camping several times to our favorite spots and just spent a week in Sedona AZ for our Anniversary. We drove to AZ from CO. Next we will go to Avon CO for a weekend. We love to get out and hike and bike. It is what reminds us of what life was like before masks. Got to keep moving and enjoying what we can do. Making memories and living with precautions (masks hand washing distancing) though an inconvenience at least we can still enjoy our lives and see new things. But I look forward to going back to Disney World!!!

    by Susan C — August 13, 2020

  12. I have pretty much stayed at home,cancelled trips. Recently have gone places with a friend or two but it is always if not safe, not masked, we leave. Have eaten inside a couple places that followed the rules, guidance but on the whole eating in isn’t something I’m comfortable doing. Am hoping next year to be able to fly & feel good doing it. I didn’t retire to stay home but didn’t retire to die soon or infect anyone either, I will continue to be careful, wear my mask, wash my hands, use hand sanitizer, safe distancing, & am grateful to live in Vermont even with winter coming!

    by VTRetiree — August 13, 2020

  13. This can be a real dilemma for people faced with family or other type of emergencies. For example, parents of a newborn who need help (and the grandparents want to see it). They might not want to travel, but in some cases they almost have to. How to do that safely – without getting exposed themselves and then exposing others – is tricky and requires super vigilance. I long for the day we can travel just for the joy of it – without risking so much. Hopefully it will come soon.

    by Rick — August 14, 2020

  14. Probably the same as when it first hit in March. Dispersed camping in NF and BLM land out west. Only need to come into contact with people when shopping for food, just like anywhere. I always wear a mask.

    by Bob — August 14, 2020

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