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Older Facebook Users More Likely to Share Fake News

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 January 18, 2019 – The good news is that the vast majority (90%) of Facebook users do not pass along articles that represent fake news. But the bad news is that people over 65 are seven times more likely than younger people to post about articles that are not factual.

The study was done by a group at Princeton University who studied the 2016 election campaign. They found that the Facebook users who shared the most fake stories were much more likely to be over the age of 65, and to be self-declared Republicans.

The authors of the study concluded that, just as older people are more likely to fall for financial scams, so they are open to manipulation by groups that publish stories on the web that are just not true.

What can you do? Regardless of party, the vast majority of people do not want to encourage or pass along false information, whether it comes from Russia, China, hate groups, or political partisans. We encourage you to have a critical eye towards everything you read online. Ask yourself, is this published by a media outlet that employs trained journalists committed to the truth, or on a website with little or no editorial oversight? Just about every news organization has some degree of bias, but bias is a lot different than publishing false information. So if you read something that seems sensational, give it the sniff test. You can use fact checking websites like and to help you detect if something is true or not.

See The Best Fact Checking Websites

Older Facebook Users More Likely to Share Fake News

Posted by Admin on January 18th, 2019


  1. Best not to pass along any info, need to share with a friend do in a private msg. Same as people that share for ‘everyone’ when they are going to be gone somewhere. Never put out there any personal info, you never know who may see it even if you only ‘share’ with friends. This is not just older people doing this either – want to share do it when you return!

    by Susan — January 19, 2019

  2. Although I don’t use Facebook much, I appreciate this article and the link to the Best Fact Checking Websites. I didn’t know such sites existed and have spent quite bit of time looking at them today. I do feel much better having resources to help me recognize what is fake news, there is so much out there.

    by Jemmie — January 19, 2019

  3. I thought this was a retirement site. Seems to me despite ones age anyone is vulnerable to “ fake “ news.
    Despite ones age anyone is vulnerable of believing lies even when from a “leader. “

    I’ve used this site to help with our pending retirement, guess I’ll have to find another more focused site. 🙁

    by Edith Cuttler — January 19, 2019

  4. Thank you for sharing this; I totally agree.
    I think I’ll repost it on my FB page for some of my friends.
    I’m amazed at some of the fake news I have read in the last two years.

    by Virginia — January 20, 2019

  5. Et Tu?
    Is this retirement web site turning political? I’m surprised this site is perpetuating an unsubstantiated study with blatant political bent. Is business getting too slow to stay a-political?

    Also, what comprised “a group”, the Princeton Campus Democratic Party for Students or just a fiction writer? With people, 90 percent of anything is a red flag. Where’s the link or reference for the study or is it because none exists? All of this is garbage and political propaganda. Thus, reinforcing the incorrect stereo-type of elderly gullibility and incompetence. How dare you!!!

    This is all Fake News and has no place in a retirement blog. Hence, Et Tu?

    by Alan E — January 20, 2019

  6. The article has a link to one of many established press references to the study, which in turn have links to what seems to be a carefully controlled study. Here is a link to that.
    See the facts, draw your own conclusions, and above all, let’s remember in these trying times to keep it civil.

    by Admin — January 20, 2019

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