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This website has the information to help you find the best over 55 communities. Some communities require one person in the couple to be at least 55, while others set 50 or even 60 as the minimum age. Children are not usually permitted to live in these communities full-time. Sometimes they are referred to as age restricted communities, or active adult communities.

Topretirements has reviews of all types of communities for people over 55 (fifty-five)- gated communities, golf-oriented developments, college towns, big city or small town. For each over fifty five community you will find an objective profile, photo, Google Map, and detailed facts to help you learn more about that over 55 community. The interesting and easy-to-read profiles on this site will make it feel like you have actually visited over 200 active adult communities for people over 55, without ever leaving home.



The top-rated communities profiled at Topretirements.com are in more than 40 states and countries - from the Caribbean to the sunbelt; Tennessee all the way up to Canada. Easy-to-use tools give you valuable research on real estate prices, what makes these over 55 communities special, plus important facts about local culture, the local economy, medical resources, as well as what the transportation network is like.

Topretirements.com can help you make an intelligent decision about where you should consider living in retirement. No longer do you have to rely on happenstance, heresay, or biased marketing pitches to make the choice that's right for you.

The best over 55 communities reviewed on this site all feature ratings on expense, taxes, recreation, amenities, transportation, and security. In the retirement discussion Forums for each type of community you will find lively discussions where you can ask questions, post opinions, and form your own opinions.



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