Top California Retirement Communities

If you have been looking for the best California retirement communities this website has the answers you need. Choose from over 25 California retirement communities popular with active adults 55+. For each community you will find a review written by a baby boomer like yourself, a photo, Google Map, and detailed facts about the retirement community. You'll get information about real estate prices, what makes each California community special (or not so special), along with important facts about the cultural, economic, medical, and transportation available there.



Retirement living for active adults in California requires research because each community is different. can help by providing you with facts and honest opinions by real people ? not just the marketers.

Each California retirement community reviewed here features ratings on expense, taxes, recreation, amenities, transportation, and security so you can compare how other baby boomers have rated that city or development against critical aspects that affect your decision making. In the California retirement Forum for each community you will find lively discussions where you can ask questions, post opinions.



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