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To the northwest of Phoenix is what used to be the sleepy old town of Glendale. At least that was what it was like when your editor attended graduate school here in 1973. Wow, what a difference - now it is home to the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, and a lot more!
If your Senior Center is out of step it might be pretty boring, and definitely not a place for youthful baby boomers. But and more centers are renaming and reinventing themselves to attract a wider demographic - and doing a great job of it!
This small and affluent beach town is known as one of the "quiet resorts", compared to Rohobeth Beach, that is.  Retirees are flocking to this area in tax-friendly Delaware.
America's Southwest has dry air and lots of places with 300+ days of sunshine. But where to pick? This article identifies 10 retirement towns in the region that won't break your budget, and all have above average cultural opportunities.
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