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We are having one of the most thoughtful discussions ever in our Blog post on the Blue Ridge Mountains . John V is very tempted to move to Greenville, SC, but his daughters are pressuring him to stay closer to home or retire to Delaware. Many members chimed inwith helpful advice. Don't miss out on these exchanges, subscribe to the Daily Alert here.

Boulder makes a great small city  for retirement. It has the University of Colorado and mountains.  And it has won all kinds of "bests" for biking, running, place to live, etc.
Moving from the suburbs to a city might seem a little crazy, but thousands of baby boomers are doing just that. Here are some great reasons for city retirements, plus 10 exciting cities to consider.

The Elm City would easily qualify as a great retirement town in either one of today's Blog posts. It is very nice medium sized city, and it is friendly to LGBTs.  Not to mention Yale, the Long Wharf Theatre, and at least hourly trains to New York City.

If you were at least 70 1/2 in 2014 your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRAs and 401k is due by 12/31/15. Miss it and you will face a hefty fine.
People who are LGBT are looking for many of the same things in a retirement location as straight people. But there are a few other attributes that are needed too - tolerance and diversity in particular.  Dave Hughes lists his top 10 retirement places for LGBT here.
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