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Oldest Town in Texas - Nacogdoches

Named a Certified Retirement Community by the State of Texas after passing certain criteria, Nacogdoches is ready for your retirement. Very historic, it  is known as "The oldest town in Texas";  and was the headquarters of Spanish government in the 1700's. Stephen F. Austin University is located here with its 11,000 students.

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Check on the Bucket List - A Trip to India

We just got back from a Bucket List trip - India.  It was exciting, different, exotic, and so much fun. Here's what to know if you are thinking about going, and a few highlights of the trip. Plus, we always want to know what's on your bucket lists.

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FInd Your Best Place to Retire

Virginia Mini-Retirement Guide

Virginia is considered a popular place to retire for many reasons.  Centrally located but slightly warmer than places in the Northeast, it has a variety of living options from seacoast to mountains and cities to towns.  Find out more in our VA mini-retirement guide.

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A Sad Surprise - Your Kids Don't Want Your Stuff

Many baby boomers experience either guilt or grief when they finally realize that most of the stuff they have been hoarding is of no interest to the next generation. Here are the top 10 things your kids don't want.

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