July 17. Welcome , to our weekly newsletter.  We like to think about retirement as a blank slate - it's an opportunity to start over again fresh.  So today we explore our thoughts on the 10 worst mistakes you can make in retirement.
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Chatham, MA
Retirement is a kind of do-over - and we want to make sure you get the very best start on it. Here in this article we give our list of the top 10 retirement mistakes, along with some spot-on member suggestions as well.  We'd like to hear your thoughts too!
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Bentonville, AR
This popular tourist town in north central PA is home to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. There is a beautiful town square, antique gas lamps, and outstanding hunting, fishing, and camping.  Wellsboro has numerous festivals to keep things interesting through the year. There is, however, some new economic activity that has some locals concerned.
Turrialba, Costa Rica
This fast growing city in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and on the Great Salt Lake has much to offer for folks who love both cities and the outdoors.
The area's infrastructure benefited from being the site of the Winter Olympics - with improvements to roads and resorts. Skiing, hiking, biking, and golf are superb here - with several world class resorts less than 45 minutes from downtown.