February 27.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments to last week's article about Retirement Stereotypes - 33 comments - so far!
There are 2 things abundantly clear from this year's list: the Sunbelt is where it's at for retirement, the Northeast and Midwest are out.  Eleven exciting new towns climbed onto the list this year. And, can you guess what 3 states in the Northeast made it?
Talk about hard luck - Murphy missed the cut for our 100 Best list (see above) - it was #101! Tucked into the extreme southwest corner of North Carolina, it is still an interesting retirement choice.
What used to be called the "beleagured" housing market has been coming up roses lately. This week we found 3 pieces of good news for this strengthening market.  But what does this all mean if you are a potential retirement buyer?
This old and wealthy suburb of Phoenix  and resort is blessed with the McDowell Mountains, which provide some of Arizona's most beautiful scenery.  It is expensive by AZ standards, but boy is it nice.
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