August 27.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Regrettably, summer is coming to an end, but we hope you have enjoyed every second of it!  It's not too late to be thinking about your winter plans - maybe time to schedule some scouting trips both near and far.
For folks looking for a great food scene and a bubbling small city, Portland is hard to beat - particularly at this time of year.  Located on a magnificent harbor with a beautiful coast and islands to visit just off shore, itcould make for a most interesting retirement.
More and more baby boomers are discovering that biking is a great, less injurious way to stay in shape and get around town. Today we review 11 towns where the biking is especially easy!
Belize, welcomes expat retirees, has one of the lowest costs of living in the Western hemisphere.  It also has the world's second largest barrier reef. This district comprises manycoastal villages where the adventurous retiree might like it.
A new study from T. Rowe Price confirms that even folks who have 401(k) programs to fall back on are still having to cut back on their spending in retirement. And it is probably much worse for millions more.
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