July 29.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Please know we always welcome your suggestions, like the one we got this week from Raffa to add southern Nevada to our Dueling Retirements article on the Desert States
This lovely college town that boasts not one, but 2 thriving private colleges: Carleton College and St. Olaf. There is a downtown square with specialty stores as well.

This article is both for people who have yet to sign up for Medicare, and those already in the program. You can't afford to make these 5 common mistakes.
 A fire in the late 1800's wiped out 30 acres of the town center, which were rebuilt almost exclusively in the Victorian Style. Today it has the second largest collection of Victorian-era homes in the nation. This beach town is way down in southern New Jersey.
The annual report from the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund shows little change. Although the fund will be exhausted by 2034, 75% of promised benefits can be met without reform to the system, which is needed.
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