October 12.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. 

Today's feature article comes about from our growing frustration at not being able to give a capsule summary to anyone about when and how to claim a Social Securityretirement benefit. There have been so many recent changes in the law, and so many variables in people's personal situations, that it is just about impossible to summarize anything succinctly. Yet we know that most people don't give filing much thought - they simply file as soon as they can. Hence this feature - we hope you find it useful!

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This town has been listed as a “Best Place to Retire” by several organizations for many reasons; low cost of living, active cultural life with its major university (New Mexico State), and an unusually beautiful location.
Think filing for Social Security is just a simple decision - think again. Here are 5 good reasons why there is so much more to claiming SS that you ever imagined. A decision that many experts believe is the most important financial decision of your life.
Atlanta makes a great place to retire. It is a thousand cities all rolled into one.  There are all kinds of neighborhoods, 55+ and active adult communities. Plus so much happening you could never take it all in.
Every year about this time millions of snowbirds are getting ready to head south for the winter. To help them to embark on a trouble-free journey we are once again republishing our leaving for the winter checklist - updated of course.
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