August 13.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We have 2 really interesting articles for your reading pleasure, along with reviews of 2 more great places to retire.

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The biggest city in Arizona tends to get overlooked by many retirees, even though they might end up living in one of the many suburbs radiating out in all directions. The city has plenty of neighborhoods and communities, plus all ofthe cultural, recreational, and professional sports teams that make it equal to any city in the world. Plus warmish winters and a dry climate.
We consider it a noble hunt - finding places to retire that aren't already cliches on the usual "best" lists. Today's 5 towns were the subject of an article we collaborated on for last Sunday's USA Today.
Home to Cornell of the Ivy League, this college town has lots to offer. There is Cayuga Lake, the gorges, plenty of young people ,and a wide variety of very interesting restaurants like Moosewood.
Yes, Job and Retirement don't usually belong in the same sentence. But the fact is a lot of retiring baby boomers will be looking for work - on their terms. They might need the extra money, but many folks work to stay busy.Here are some ideas for you.
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