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 July  11, 2012

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  • 10 Most Surprising Things We've Learned About Retirement
  • On the Lake: Centre, Alabama
  • Share Your Retirement Plans
  • High Altitude: Cloudcroft, New Mexico

  • Pictured above: Downtown scene in Centre, Alabama.
    We are pleased to announce some important changes at Topretirements.com. The biggest one is invisible - a totally new site architecture that makes it much faster and more reliable. The major change you will see is in the Community listings found in the Active Adult Community Directories we have for each state. Now each community lists its type (55+, CCRC, etc.) plus shows a list of amenities (please note that not all communities have provided this data yet). Let us know your comments and suggestions.
    It was 6 years ago that we started work on this website. So it was kind of fun to try to figure out - just what have we learned about retirement along the way?  Here are the top lessons learned, including some big surprises, like #6: bugs, humidity, and snakes!
    If your top retirement criteria are low cost of living, being on a great fishing lake, and living in a small town with a warm climate - Centre might be a "contendah".  The town's Weiss Lake is huge and known as the "Crappie Capital of the World". 
    Click on a state to see reviews of 860 great retirement towns, plus capsule summaries of 1,799 active adult communities.
    We can't help it - we are very curious about your plans for retirement. There are so many questions to ask, but we've limited this first poll to just 5, with easy multiple choice answers. Questions include... what age you plan to retire... where you'll move... will you have enough money to retire. We promise to share the results next week - if we reach our quota of 200 responses.
    At 8,600', Cloudcroft has the lofty distinction of being one of the highest towns in America.  That altitude gives it quite a pleasant summer climate for a town in southern New Mexico. It also has 3 big festivals and a tourism base. If you like the mountains and small towns, but don't get along with humidity - check out this one.
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