June 18.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We have a lot for you, including a new poll series. Today we present Part 1 on "Where You'll Live". Part 2 will come outlater this summer, and it will be all about the financial aspects of your retirement. Stay tuned next week for a full report on Part 1 - should be interesting! Please do your part and take this quick poll.

Hope you are enjoying the many interesting Comments made in our various Blog posts.
There is a lot to like about St. Marys. It's near the coast and Sea Island, just above Florida.  This pretty town is one of the oldest in the U.S. It is particularly popular with the many military retirees in the area.
It's a lot easier to give advice about downsizing than it is to follow it.  Here in our continuing series on downsizing we give the best tips we've seen for overcoming inertia. We think they'll help you get started on the liberating process of downsizing!
The response from our members to our polls has been phenomenal. Your comments and the trends and preferences you represent make such interesting reading for us all. Please take a few minutes to complete this poll about whereyou plan to retire - and next week we'll have a complete report for you.
This mid-size city has won numerous "best" awards for various categories, including biking. There is a vibrant downtown and art scene. But many people move to this area for the tremendous outdoor recreation possibilities.
No one wants to think they might be losing their memory or cognitive skills. This free, 10 minute test from The Ohio State University will give you and your doctor a baseline to compare against. It's kind of fun too.
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