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Smart about so many things, baby boomers are proving to be woefully ignorant about Social Security, particularly on when to claim it. This essential article explores 7 myths that could end up costing you serious money.
Conway, SC
Murray State University - known as the "Kentucky's Public Ivy University", is one good reason to retire in Murray. Another is the enormous "Land Between the Lakes" recreation area nearby.
Our editorial intern Shannon has written a nice piece for our sister site, BestPlacesinUSA.com, on how college grads should go about looking for a new city to live in. The parallels with baby boomers looking for a retirement spot are surprising. And if you have a child or grandchild just graduating from college - pass it along!
Lafayette, LA
Folks looking to retire in the midwest is a mid-sized city near the Ozarks should give Tulsa a look. It is the cultural capital of Oklahoma with lakes, parks, hills, and colleges. The median price of a home is well below the U.S. average at $138,900.
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