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We are very excited about the 2 Blog articles we have for you today. Anyone whodoesn't currently have Medicare Part D coverage needs the critical info in that feature. And the article about Retiring in the Blue Ridge Mountains is filled with real-life comments from folks who have either retired to or explored this delightful region.

Its legacy as one of the first gold mining towns in Oregon provides a town of great beauty and over 100 historic buildings.  This affluent town of 2,800 is a few miles west of Medford in the Rogue Valley.
Maybe you thought you would sign up for Part D Medicare (prescription) coverage somewhere down the road.  But caution: the consequences of not getting this coverage when you opt for Part B coverage can be devastating. Here are 2 reasons...
Why You need Part D Medicare

This fast growing city at the mouth of the Cape Fear River on the Carolina coast has many attractions. The city has a historic center and a mile long walk along the river. Great Carolina beaches are just minutes away.  UNC - Wilmington is a big plus for the town,

The Blue Ridge Mountains run from Georgia to as far north as PA. They offer a 4 season climate with spectacular scenery and plenty of outdoor recreation, plus some lovely places to live.  Read what it's like to retire there from people who are doing just that.
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