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Lewes, Delaware

A former whaling town, Lewes is an ocean resort in the fastest growing part of Delaware. Not quite Sunbelt but certainly warmer than the Northeast, this part of Delaware offers a peaceful lifestyle with easy access to the beach.  Tax-friendly, Lewes attracts retirees from the DC, Philadelphia, and New York areas.

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Forget the RV - Try VanLiving!

It seems like the world is starting to think smaller and smaller. Tiny homes, boats, and now living in customized vans. Lots of of folks are mad for them and the adventurous lifestyle they can bring.  More »

Peoria, Arizona

Arizona is one of the more attractive places where you can retire, experience a terrific lifestyle, and live in a home that costs a fraction of what it might be in coastal California, New York or Washington suburbs.  Peoria is a good example and home to 55+ and active adult communities of all descriptions. More »

Can You Catch This Retirement Lifeboat?

Fortunate baby boomers who live in hot real estate markets have a great resource to rescue their retirement - their home. If you have a valuable home on the coasts or near a big city, there are plenty of places where you trade it for a great retirement home, and still have money left over in the bank.   More »

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