August 3.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We were on the road last week, and our travels took us to an unusually pretty city. You can see lots of pictures and a tour below:  "A Retirement Town So Pretty It Hurts".

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Your editor became a grandparent 2 weeks ago. Which caused him to reflect on what it might take to become a wonderful grandparent. We are hoping this article opens up a torrent of helpful suggestions!
Possibly the most stable democracy in Central and South America, Costa Rica offers an eco-paradise for retirement. While it doesn't have many 'name" towns, it does have plenty of little places in many regions where you can have an interesting retirement.
While passing through Northeastern North Carolina last weekend we spent the night in beautiful Edenton, NC. We have visited a lot of nice towns in our time, but this one ranks near the top for charm and beauty! Meanwhile, we are looking for your suggestions on more "prettiest" towns for an upcoming article.
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