Jan. 11.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. We hope you enjoyed the many Comments made to our "Retirement Wrecker" article (see top right).

Named one of the 200 most beautiful towns in America, it is easy to see why. There are beautiful old homes and gracious streets with an active Main Street program.
This is the story of how a nice young man from Minnesota ended up retiring many years later in the heart of the South - in Greenville, SC. We think you'll enjoy Jeff's saga, and his excellent writing.
Speaking of affordable places to live on the water, Eustis is another good option. It is right on Lake Eustis and offers plenty of homes for sale that are less than the U.S. median.
Living near an ocean, bay, or lake doesn't have to be expensive - if you pick the right place to retire. We have updated our multi-part series with the latest price, and there are still some greatoptions.
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