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Golf is NOT the Focus Here
December 4, 2009
One of our members had a good suggestion that led to this week's collection of active adult communities. The idea was to pick some communities where golf isn't the focus. Voila, here are 3 different ones to choose from. 
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This is perhaps the most famous place for retired artists and people interested in the arts in the country. The Senior Artists Colony features apartments in downtown Burbank. Many other developments would like to copy the idea. 
A lot of people haven't heard of Fairhope, and some others tend to instantly dismiss it because it is located in Alabama. But if you ever talk with someone who lives in this former Utopian community, you'll get the idea why they love living here. For flowers and culture, Fairhope is a top pick.
The Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica is still being discovered. It is the most biologically beautiful region of all Costa Rica. The Village of San Buenas is a Showcase Community at Topretirements. Nature, the mountains, and the jungle are the focus (but golf is available). Lots available from $19,900.

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About these listings: Topretirements encourages active adult and 55+ communities to create their own listings on this site. A Basic listing is free, Top and Showcase listings pay a fee for preferred positioning and extra features. In this newsletter we strive to present the most interesting communities for a variety of tastes and budgets. If you have suggestions for ones we should feature, please let us know.

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