August 6.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We hope your summer is going well, as well as the search for your best place to retire.
This small town in the historic gold mining country of north central California is in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Today it offers serenity, small town charm, and is also close to nature.
We searched for member comments in our past surveys and articles to come up with this new list of  the worst mistakes you can make in retirement.  But we would also like to hear about the biggest retirement do-overs you would like.
This small resort town near the southern-most point of North Carolina offers retirees a quiet place to live near the ocean.  The area offers one of America's finest restored beaches, plus the intra-coastal.
The article we wrote a few weeks ago on great baby boomer roadtrips stimulated some great discussion and suggestions. And coming out of that, our frequent contributor Jan Cullinane took the time to share her itinerary and moneysaving tips for a trip to the National Parks of Utah. Yes, that's Monument Valley on the left - half expect to see the Duke galloping through!
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