August 19.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. 
This former coal mining town near Boulder has been named all kinds of great things - a most Livable Town, Best Small Town, etc. Fans like the downtown, the pubs, and the whole atmosphere.
Making a decision to hire a financial advisor for your retirement is, sadly, fraught with danger.  Taking these 3 steps could help protect you from getting fleeced.
About this time of year Providence is at its best. This college town is getting ready for the students of 7 colleges to hit town, including those of Brown and Providence. It has done a great job of re-inventing itself as a very livable city.  Nearby RI beaches are amazing too.
Some day you might be asked to give a remembrance at a friend or relative's final service. Save these ideas so you can send off your friend with a smile.
We see enough comments from our Members and visitors to realize that many of you have very specific wants when it comes to finding your best place to retire.  Using our Advanced Search feature you can find places ineach state that offer specific amenities, types of housing, community size, winter/summer temps, etc. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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