Nov. 5.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  Since islands are our them today, both of the profiled places to retire are on islands.
The capital of Prince Edward Island extends picturesquely along Charlotte Harbor. It  has 2 colleges: Holland College and the University of Prince Edward Island. The latter has a green space that surrounds the city.
Everdreamed about retiring to an island? We've got 2 lists of best islands for retirement for you. The first lists USA islands, and the second comes from, which provides its view on the best tropical islands for retirement.
It is difficult to retire on this beautiful 22 mile long island near Los Angeles.  For one, it is expensive. For another there are very few places to live - almost 90% of the land is protected because of the Wrigley family's efforts. But for those who can, it offers a beautifulparadise.
Lots of people have enjoyed timeshares during their working days, and some use them as part of their retirement strategy. Thanks to Louise and Caps for starting this interesting discussion of time shares. Not everybody's happy with the product.
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