Dec. 31, 2014.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We wish that your holidays are going well and are not too stressful. We enjoyed reliving 2014 while putting together the most popular articles in our annual "Best of the Year" issue - hope you willtoo.

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The easiest job in America - weather forecaster in San Diego. That's because i's just about always sunny and warm here. There is the ocean, hills, and a great variety of places to live.  San Diego, #13 on our list of the mostpopular places to retire.
It isalways fun to see which of our articles attracted the most interest among you our members. This year we had some that definitely stood out in 4 categories: Most Read, Most Commented on,  Best Member Submitted, and Editor's Pick. We think you will find this list interesting.
It's located on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River on southwest Florida's coast.  Two early Fort Myers snowbirds were Henry Ford and Thomas Edison (this photo is of their dock). There is plenty of water, affordable real estate, and communities and neighborhoods to live in. It truly has something for just about anyone.
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