April 9.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  We hope you will enjoy our 2014 list of the Best States for Retirement.  This year we used essentially the same criteria we had for our "Worst States for Retirement" list, although we added in factors for weather and climate.

Next week's feature  will focus on the "Best Places to Retire on the Water".
The best states for retirement when it comes to taxes on retirees, property taxes, cost of living, and weather and climate? In this year's list we've also factored in the number of interesting places to retire there are in each state. We look forward to your comments!
Miami and retirement are almost synonymous for most people. Yet this vibrant place with so many interesting neighborhoods and suburbs is one of the most bustling cities on the planet.  If you like variety and excitement, you could do worse than Miami.
The former President has a new career, portrait painter.  In fact his portraits of world leaders are featured in a show at his Presidential Library. Even many of the critics who didn't like him as President are impressed with his artistic talent, having just started 2 years ago.  This article provides some wonderful advice for retireesseeking an "Encore" career.
Since Texas came out so high on our Best States for Retirement article we figured we had better feature a place to retire in the Lone Star State.  And what better place than this town near Austin with 200 restoredbuildings and Southwestern University.
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