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 December 7, 2011

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  • The #1 Financial Reason to Choose a Retirement State
  • Orange Beach, Alabama
  • Why This Gringo Can't Wait to Get Back to the USA
  • Tucson, Arizona

  • Picture above shows a gleaming condo building on the barrier island town of Orange Beach, Alabama.
    Welcome to this week's Newsletter. We hope that you are enjoying it. Two reminders: if you like it, please forward it to a friend to help get the word out. And two, if you have suggestions, article ideas, or a great story to tell - let us know!
    We do a lot of thinking about the most important criteria for choosing a retirement destination. This week we focus on the economic considerations. Specifically, what is the single most important financial reason for selecting a retirement state or city. If you thought the answer for most people would be state income tax, guess again.
    Alabama has a very teeny coastline compared to other states.  And tucked in on its extreme eastern coast, almost in Florida's panhandle, you will find Orange Beach on a barrier island. It features sports, beautiful beaches, and many condos and communities.  
    Click on a state to see reviews of 797 great retirement towns, plus a list of 1,567 active adult communities. 
    A few weeks ago we had a guest article extolling the wonders of a Mexican retirement. This week we have an interview that gives us a chance to see the other side. Stephen Anderson details the good, the bad, and the ugly side of living in the Chapala region. It has already stirred up a host of Comments, they alone are worth the read. 
    Make your research easier. This handy book from Topretirementsgives you the inside facts and data on the 100 most popular retirementtowns. Available in eBook (pdf), Print, or Kindle for as low as $9.95.
    This rapidly growing city throws up some impressive numbers.  Like... over 300 days of sunshine a year, and 233 performing arts dates. It also has fairly inexpensive real estate, and more active adult communities and nice neighborhoods for retirement than can be easily counted. 
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