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We have had a lot of requests to keep updating our series of "Dueling Retirement States" articles. So today we present a revision of our 2010 comparison of DE, MD, NJ, and VA. As always, If youthink our information is helpful, please share the word by forwarding it to a friend. They can get their own free copy here.

Located in California's Coachella Valley and east of Palm Springs, it offers a lower key version of its more famous neighbor. The mountains are just as beautiful and the outdoor recreation in the sunshine is great too.
A lot of people already live in these 4 Mid-Atlantic states, and naturally many will stay in this area for retirement. Here we compare the tax, climate, housing markets, and popular places to live in DE , MD, NJ, and VA.
If you are looking for a cute little and walkable town in Florida, this one at the top of the Sunshine State is a good bet. It is just about Amelia Island - talk about great beaches.
Those who think Florida is losing popularity with retirees might want to re-evaluate. The fastest growing Metro is The Villages, and 5 other FL Metros are in the top 20. See More.
We see enough comments from our Members and visitors to realize that many of you have very specific wants when it comes to finding your best place to retire. Using our Advanced Search feature you can find places in each state that offer specificamenities, types of housing, community size, winter/summer temps, etc. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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