Dec. 10, 2014.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter.  This issue presents the latest in our "Dueling Retirements" series, this one on what it's like to retire in 4 states in the mid South.
Like its namesake in Italy, Rome is built on 7 hills with a river running through it.  It has 34,000 residents and is home to four colleges including Berry College, which has the largest campus in the world.
Inthis our latest regional comparison  installment we highlight and compare the facts along with the pluses, minuses on retirement in AL, GA, KY, and TN.  Previous articles compared the Mid-Atlantic, the Carolinas, theSouthwest,  Florida, California, and more.
The capital city of Nevada offers great outdoor recreation in the amazing nearby mountains. There are also casinos and the prospect of no state income tax.
We've got 2 timely reports from the NAHB. First, the housing market is well on its way to a post-recession recovery in many markets. Second, we think you will find this list of the finalists in the 50+ housing categories to be interesting.

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