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Pinehurst, NC
Research from the ERBI shows that people who use retirement calculators can reduce the chance they run out of money in retirement. That sounds useful to us!  Culled from both the private and the public sectors, here is our list of favorite calculators - and why.
Aiken, SC
This town of 30,000 in western South Carolina's Sand Hill country began as a healthy retreat where the wealthy could escape the hot weather. The "Winter Colony" as it is called has always been popular with the horsy set for fox hunting, steeplechase, and polo horses. Now it's popular for retirement.
With interest rates so low a retiree with what sounds like a lot in retirement savings - $1 million -  has a very high chance of running out of money.  This article gives some strategies for coping.
Healdsburg, CA
For wine lovers there isn't anything much better than being located in the area where  three of the most important wine-producing regions  Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley) come together. The town is situated on a 19th century square. Great restaurants, wine, and biking abound.
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