July 8.  Welcome, to this week's newsletter. Hope everyone is enjoying the fat part of summer.  Meanwhile, why not join the great discussions going on in the Blog on Pets, Downsizing, and "Tiny Houses". We plan on a feature on thelatter in the next few weeks.

Way down in southern Texas near San Padre Island you will find this affordable and active town. There are a number of RV parks where retirees looking for an inexpensive and warm lifestyle are congregating. 
There are probably dozens of active communities perfect for you. But how can you find them, and know for sure? This printable checklist helps you identify your preferences and then see how different communities stack up.
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This small town in eastern Tennessee is about 30 minutes from Knoxville and very near the huge and popular Tellico Lake, which was created by the TVA.  Outdoor recreation is tops here, and there are a number of active communities where you can enjoy it.

Do you have a passion to do something different in retirement? Our advice is to follow it. In this article we provide insights from several sources on how a late career change can provide a huge boost to your life.
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