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Looking for an exciting place to retire where you can keep your mind active, enjoy having young people around, and take advantage of great restaurants and cool stores? Maybe you should be applying to a college town for your retirement. In this article we go over the pluses and minuses, and then list over 20 great college towns where it might be fun toretire.
A highly rated higher learning institution, Williams College, is the center of this college town. The Clark Art Institute and the Williams College Museum of Art are not to be missed.
In our Forum Sundaydr asked if anyone knew anything about communities from Venice to Bradenton. It's the kind of question we like to see, because it's specific enough some one can answer it (as opposed to, "I am thinking of retiring to North Carolina or VIrginia, please help").  Nancy by the Bay had a wonderful, helpful response (see it here). Thanks Nancy!
Here is what our frequent contributor Jan Cullinane said about this new planned community (and another great college town):  "You almost have to see it to believe it. GIant church in the middle square, an interestinghistory.  And of course, Ave Maria University."
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