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It's an affluent small town in the beautiful Texas hill country northwest of San Antonio. Boerne offers retirees small town charm in a quaint, historic, picturesque setting.

Ageism lives on, and baby boomers are starting to see it when they apply for jobs.  This article has some tips for getting past this bias. And, we'd love to hear your job search stories in the Comments!

We listed Palatka as one of FL's 10 Funkiest Towns because of its unique history, interesting institutions, and a different vibe than the rest of the state. Its founder brought settlers here from London to start a Utopian society.
You've done the hard part - you saved and got to be retired. Now you just have a few more tasks to do to protect your family, and insure a successful retirement.
We see enough comments from our Members and visitors to realize that many of you have very specific wants when it comes to finding your best place to retire. Using our Advanced Search feature you can find places in each state that offer specificamenities, types of housing, community size, winter/summer temps, etc. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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