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Sandy and Ann's thoughtful odyssey is the latest installment in our series on how different people go about finding their perfect retirement spot.

RobertPowell, retirement expert and friend to Topretirements, is leading a retirement cruise this fall. Sounds like fun. You will cruise from Montreal to New York with Crystal Cruises, and get the opportunity to meet and engage with some of the nation’s best investment and retirement experts. You will meet them on-board ship, and in seminars and panel discussions.
April 29 is the last day folks who qualify can take full advantage of the file-and-suspendSocial Security claiming strategy. After that, file-and-suspend becomes a thing of the past (but restricted application continues for some others).
This charming Texas town northeast of San Antonio has  a rich German heritage. The Gruene Historical District is a big attraction. And there are least 6 active adult communities.
This is the 7th profile in our series of how thoughtful people go about finding their best place to retire. Sandy and Ann wanted to get out of suburban New York, but their southern adventures left them... cold. You will enjoy their story. And, the article has links to all 7 profiles for more vicarious fun.
There are so many good things to this town mid-way about FL's east coast. It's on the Intracoastal, so it is great for boaters and fishermen. All kinds of active communities abound. And the downtown is very cute too.
Most baby boomers have some kind of phone, and its usually a smart one. That represents a big investment that is painful to lose. Read on to find out how these 7 steps resulted in the retrieval of your editor's lost iphone - from a most unlikely place!
Lately there have been a fantastic array of different Comments to our various Blog articles. But the problem is that unless you subscribe to our Daily Digest they are hard to see - sometimes the conversations continue for articles from ayear or two in 2 the past.  Here are just 2 examples: Is Retiring Near Your Family a Good Idea, and Are You Single: Tell Us Where You Are Going to Retire.
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